Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Retro Jordan XII - The Flu Games

The year is 1997. Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Bulls vs Jazz. MJ comes down with a bad stomach bug. He is told not to play. He plays.

At the end of the game, completely fatigued and exhausted, he collapses into Pippen's arm.

Final score - 97-38. BULLS WIN.

This epic and historic game has come to be known as THE FLU GAME. Where MJ did not stop, would not stop. He knew this was a critical game and he had to play for himself and his team. MJ showed the world his fierce spirit and drive that is he known for.

On Black Friday 2009, Jordan brand is releasing the Retro Air Jordan XII in the exact colorway MJ wore in that game in 1997. The shoe has some differences that have been controversial in the sneaker community like the changing of materials and the adding of some details to pay tribute to this shoe and what it represents.

One of the debates surround the "sick face" some like it some hate it. Does it ruin the shoe? I dont think so. I know it is not an OG, I know its not an OG Retro. This is a tribute shoe and I guess it needs to make itself different from previous retros to protect the integrity of the others.

Over the shoe is very striking and looks great. Craftsmanship is subpar as most Jordans are now a days. Glue marks and the suede material gets very dusty and ashy. But still the shoe makes a it should.

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