Monday, November 30, 2009

Daikokuya Ramen - Little Tokyo location

I had to run some errands today in Downtown LA. I wanted to check out the new stops on the Metro GOLDLINE especially the one in Little Tokyo. I am sooooo happy that this is ready and available. Off I went....the trip started out very nicely! See below!

I walked to the machine and guess what I saw? The machine had not ONE but TWO available one way tickets for the taking. For those of you that do not and have not taken the metro, when you buy a ticket you have a certain amount of time to use the ticket. If you take it for 5 mins or for 2 hours same same. As I walked up I saw the 2 one way tickets available. Both expired in about 1.5 hours. Plenty of time to get to my destination. As I was standing there...a couple walked passed and gave me THEIR ALL DAY PASS. I thanked them and the girl said that a women actually gave it to them as she was getting off the train. I am sure METRO is probably not happy to hear people are "sharing" their tickets but this reminded me of the commercial where one person is nice to someone else and it goes on and on. What did I do when I got home? I too placed my all day pass on the machine in the hopes that someone else can use it. Very cool feeling indeed.

My stop came and here I was.....

I swear I do not think I will ever drive to J Town again. This is just too easy. You exit on Alameda and 1st street and can walk anywhere you want. THIS IS SOOO GREAT. I went ahead and ran my errands...and then went to Daikokuya...yummy!

Here is the the Ramen combo....mmm mmm mmm the fried rice here is DA BOMB.

Detail of the great soft boiled egg that comes in the soup.

and yes the salad is actually pretty good!
What a great meal. Good stuff and no stress travel. LOVE IT.

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