Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lunch at Orochon with "Inspiration"

Today I met up with my homies that have never met each other, John and Al. Both knew of each other and respected each other's work and reputation but never had an official intro...until today. We all met up at Orochon and the 2 guys talked about all the things that are important. The hustle...making moves and what's next. Good stuff for I am in a "transition" stage right now. So it was good to chat and take in some inspiration from two guy I respect. Good times.

Orochon in Weller Court in J Town.

Half Fried Rice...pretty darn good stuff.

The gyozas...very good as well.

My #5 Miso Ramen with Egg and Pork Slice

Two homies finally meet...and maybe make some ISH happen! I was just pleased to be around.

Don't forget your boy when the dollars start rolling in!

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