Friday, October 23, 2009

First Look - Project "Perrier"

What you know about Old School?

Before and After pics to follow....yay baby....

Offically a Degenerate

Aloha Cafe - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Second time I went to eat here. Good stuff so far. The food is pretty standard Hawaiian fare but so far the standout to me is the Hamburger Steak. They use it in the Loco Moco too and it is really great. Tender with onions and seasonings kinda like a meatloaf but in a pattie form. Gravy is dark with mushrooms and the mac salad is good too. It is kinda in a weird place...a small strip mall in Little Tokyo but yeah...this place kills a LOFT or LL or KING'S thats for sure.

gotta have the SPAM MUSUBI

Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Gravy

My good friend's awesome kids. Super well behaved and funny as all get out. Danni and Marcus is HILARIOUS! Always fun having dinner with them.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lunch with Lucas and "Miso" at Kat 'N Daves

Met with "PIGJAM" for a casual lunch at Kat N Daves in Culver City. I had the duo..beef enchilada and carnitas tamale...not bad...

A little closer look....

Mommy and Lucas...

The newest member of the group...little "Miso."

And little Lucas reading his new book from Uncle Greg.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shortribs in Beer

it only took 4 hours!

Simple recipe, short ribs, salt and pepper and a lager beer. Here it is...

I used GROLSCH....premium lager...

Tightly wrapped in foil....then 4 hours later....

after 3.5 hours....right before it went back in for another 20 mins w/o the cover.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Living the lifestyle.....

My boy had some nice little accouterments today at lunch...had to snap some pics.

These are High End Japanese cigarettes made for the RUSSIAN market....check out the super designer box. The black plastic lacquer box is actually spring loaded and the top pops open. Very very nice...just super classy and refined.

And of course my homie rocks the LV Evidence Shades....what a bastard! love these...

Lunch at Orochon with "Inspiration"

Today I met up with my homies that have never met each other, John and Al. Both knew of each other and respected each other's work and reputation but never had an official intro...until today. We all met up at Orochon and the 2 guys talked about all the things that are important. The hustle...making moves and what's next. Good stuff for I am in a "transition" stage right now. So it was good to chat and take in some inspiration from two guy I respect. Good times.

Orochon in Weller Court in J Town.

Half Fried Rice...pretty darn good stuff.

The gyozas...very good as well.

My #5 Miso Ramen with Egg and Pork Slice

Two homies finally meet...and maybe make some ISH happen! I was just pleased to be around.

Don't forget your boy when the dollars start rolling in!

Bye Bye Bye

In an effort to try and be good and get my finances in order, I decided to let one of my most prized possessions go. With a heavy heart and sadness FAST DER was picked up on its way to the new owner in Canada. In the end this was the best move ever for I had to do it. Probably one of the few times I actually did something really smart. Good bye baby...I will miss you.