Saturday, June 27, 2009

Xavier Turns 3!

Went to celebrate my old pal Tania's son's 3rd bday today. Tania and I go back for about 10 years...we worked together way back in the days and just always kept in touch. Went to her wedding back in the days and we reconnected again through facebook and have been keeping up with each other since. This is Xavier's 3rd bday!

Golf themed and son like to hit the links!

Bday boy enjoying his bday cupcakes!

Dad and son are die hard Laker Fans....

right before he blew out the candles!

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Anonymous said...

who is this handsome child? his mother must be beautiful... what a great friend u r to come to his birthday even though the following year his mommy forgot to send u an invitation.. love to u irving..