Sunday, June 21, 2009

New gear for class

So in an effort to have at least ONE day a week of some good cardio....I have been taking a kickboxing class on Thursdays. Well...kickboxing is the last thing I should be doing as I have "bad feet." I used think I had gout but instead I have really flat feet that is now giving me problems. I need to lay off high impact stuff like running and jumping and even standing or walking for too long. But...I abuse my feet once a week to take this class...and got the last month I have been avoiding getting any sort of equipment for it. I just did not want to commit to it...but last week I had enough of the class' "stinky gloves" The ones that are available to use just were GROSS and SMELLY. I was I have invested in my own gear. But bought some practice/bag gloves, some wraps and my cool shorts I got from Thailand in my last trip. If I go again this year I will pick up a couple more pairs. I love these things!

So now the comedy is I will rock my new gear in class...knowing full well I am literally the worst student in class. I am un coordinated, my feet are shot so I cannot kick or run or jump and I probably punch like a girl. So...yeah the joke is always on me I will be the best dressed loser in kickboxing class.

All that matters is I get a good workout and maybe learn a thing or too right? more stinky gloves for me!

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