Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Dinner and Dessert - BAMBOODLES and PEACH HOUSE

Sunday dinner with Mom and it was good. We went to this place I heard about from a friend at work. BAMBOODLES. They make fresh noodles and dumplings daily the old school way. They name comes from the age old way of making noodles with a bamboo stick. Everything was FRESH and TASTY. Everything is pretty much made daily. I was sad to miss the Spicy Beef Stew noodles as they only make about 100 servings a day and by time we went for dinner..ALL GONE. So I have to go back and try to get a serving.

These are the house special dumplings. Very good. Tasty, light and not very oily and heavy. I swear people still be hyped on Din Tai Fung...I know of at least 3 other places that have equal or better dumplings and cheaper. This place is now on my list of better than/cheaper than DTF.

The Master making noodles with the bamboo stick.
This is the pork spare ribs with rice. Good stuff...not very greasy and flavorful.

A bean sprout app. This was sour and spicy and very tasty as well. It was vinegar and chili oil tossed in bean sprouts. Tangy with a little tiny kick of fire.
These are the pan fried dumplings. Not as good as the boiled/steamed ones that are the house special but good nonetheless.

This is the green tea pork noodles. Very good. The pork was very tender and super flavor. What I liked here was the broth. It was not your typical MSG water thing like most other places. You could actually drink the soup here and not be thirsty all night.

Then for dessert, we went next door to my little "secret" frozen yogurt place. PEACH HOUSE is my fave in the SGV. I am not a Pinkberry fan and Yogurtland is good..with CeFiore coming in a close tie for 2nd. But if I had to choose one I like PEACH HOUSE. I had a SMALL serving of the original and no dressing.

Mmm mmm Good!

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