Saturday, February 28, 2009

I had 5 Guys in my mouth today.....

and I enjoyed it!!!

You all are a bunch of SICK PERVERTS! Well...yes the jokes never stop at this place. I mean the name just calls for the non stop gay jokes about taking on 5 guys, eating 5 guys, getting full from 5 guys..I can go on and on....
Came to try this place as it was thought to be the In-N-Out killer...well the final verdict is it is NOT. They are pretty much completely different burgers. Not better but different. I liked the burger alot...very juicy and you can custom make it anyway you want.
Here is my order. I had a Bacon Cheeseburger (2x patties) with Mayo and Mushrooms, Regular fries with a large drink...around 10 bucks. NOT BAD...I would grab this lunch over say ISLAND's any day...and the fries here are fresh and cooked in peanut oil. Just a tad healthier...I guess.
man...look at that burger...drool...

and the last detailed macro...again not better then In-N-Out...just different..but pretty damn good.

The only thing wrong was they kept getting people's orders wrong. My friend Joe ordered a burger with mushrooms...first one came with onions...returned. They let him have the wrong one gave him another one...guess what...ONIONS he goes back the 3rd finally get the right burger. So we had 2 extra burgers at our table. They messed up some other people's orders too but I guess we were ok about it....again, I will definitely go back for sure.

Chrome Hearts

Some pics of the gear my boy was rocking today at lunch....

Approx value in this pic...around $15-20K give or take...

Chrome Hearts stuff is not for everyone...some people look stupid with this crap. I am one of those people. I could never rock this stuff....but my boy Sam..its natural on him.

But I do eventually want one of these bad boys...the new ROLEX SEADWELLER DEEP. What a piece. Gorgeous in size and weight. Severely over engineered for regular folk. Truly a great watch that will ALWAYS retain its value. Awesome. If you can get one...get one. Sold out pretty much everywhere. But in this economy...who knows? You may get lucky! Beautiful Watch...if things get better in my life...this could be the next one in the stable. Love this watch.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night I went to a sleep lab. Apparently, I have sleep apnea....any friends of mine that have had the priviledge to sleep with me has been able to experience my snoring and lack of breathing. Well, with a new job, a new year, comes new insurance and a new doctor. I told my new doctor about my problems and off I went to get tested....

Here is the room...I had to sleep in...

This is the machine that everything is hooked up to and also it records everything throughout the night.
Basically they monitor everything. Breathing, blinking, brain activity, heart rate, leg movement...I mean EVERYTHING! They need to know exactly what is happening when you are sleeping.
This is my sleep tech that watched me all night...lucky guy huh? This is Mike! Super cool cat...and explained everything to me. Good luck on the next tests bro!

And here I am...all wired up. Can you believe they actually make you sleep like that? It is pretty insane. You are all wired up..and in a strange bed...and have to sleep.

At the end I needed to be hooked up to a machine that forces air down my face. I will see the doctor soon and see what he says, but I may have to wear a mask to sleep forever...which is fine because I hate being tired all the time. If this contraption can help me sleep..then let's do it!

I will keep you all posted...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dinner at the Santana's

Had dinner tonight with old friends and newly married...well not "new" but new to me, since I have not seen them since they got married late last year. It was nice to get together and chill..and chat and catch up. Good times..and Shasta killed it with the pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw! WOW!

These are Sprinkles cupcakes made by Shasta...Red Velvet. She made these with the Spinkles mix.

drooool....pulled pork....
Table set up...


Krispy Kreme meet - Feb 21, 2009

Probably one of the largest turn outs ever. Some very nice Porsches and a couple of surprises, a GTR and a Murci dropped in too...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Embarassed to be Chinese....


All over the news...and the internet. Chinese woman goes crazy when she misses her flight from HK to SF. I bet her family is very proud.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Lonely Only Anti Valentine's Food Day....

So to celebrate this crappy made up marketing day of "love" I made two trips to hang out and eat good food. First stop was brunch with the G.L.A.M.P.I aka the V Club. We headed to a NICE breakfast spot called Thelma's in Santa Clarita....

This is the duck breast crepes we shared for an app...yummy!

These were our complimentary valentines brownies...

This was my meal...I enjoy a classic well made Egg's Benedict...and this place sure gave it. It was pretty damn good. spinach, egg, english muffin, canadian ham and hollandaise with some home style potatoes...pretty much perfect.

Check out this awesome macro shot I was able to catch....

After heading home and taking a was time for phase two. The Sausage Fest aka Anti Valentine's Korean BBQ dinner. The single guys from AT crew/Team Lipo/So's all showed up!

We had a good dinner, some great conversation..and talking MAJOR pretty much the whole evening.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Foamposite One - "eggplants"

Here are the varsity purple, Penny Foamosite Ones. Release date was random, either Feb 5 or Feb 7 depending on where you went. Of course other stores sold them whenever they wanted...

2008 - Year of the XX3

2008 was the year we saw the Air Jordan XX3, the LAST official "numbered" Air Jordan Signature shoe. Here is what 2008 looked for me...grabbing the colors that I LIKED....

Grandfather's watch...REDUX

Well late last year I was lucky enough to get my hands on my grandfather's vintage Omega Seamaster day/date watch from my grandmother. I took the watch and had it completely refurbed and cleaned and tuned up every single nook and cranny completely overhauled. The watch came originally with a bracelet (see photos below) I need to get a couple links so it would fit my wrist. Unfortunately, we could locate the vintage links so in a cool move that I am very very happy about we went with a black leather croc look strap instead.

NIGHT AND DAY difference....the watch really pops and has tons more personality.

I really love the strap. It looks 100xs better then it did with the bracelet. As for does not matter as I will never sell this watch...and for provenance I have the original bracelet as well and the original box. So it is a complete package....but man oh man the strap on this looks AWESOME!

Here is how it looked with the bracelet...not bad at all...but look at the difference....HUGE...the black band just really compliments the face. I am very very happy!

I hope grandad is happy...I kinda think he would be. =)

This is how it came to the box with a bracelet.


OK...after hearing about it and following it on TWITTER and FACEBOOK and countless other LA HIPSTERS and some pals finally caught up and tried the KOGI bbq taco trucks!

We went on Saturday night IN THE POURING RAIN to Rosemead. Kogi was going to be there between 5-9PM. We got there around 730ish...and got to finally taste the HYPE surrounding this very LA Foodie phenomenom. In fact..the LA TIME.COM was there shooting a piece.

Here is the crowd IN THE RAIN. The rain was helpful since I know if it was not raining the line would of been thank you rain!

One of the coolest part of the "experience" is the folks inside the truck. Blasting hip hop dancing inside..and just plain cool folks!

Me and BJ in front of the truck....

Our order taker and money changer....and cool guy. Chatting with us...and just a real cool vibe!

Here comes the food...

OK..this is the spicy chicken tacos. I have to say...the chicken is probably the WEAKEST flavor wise. One of my buddies said it was a tad too sweet for him. Now...this is not a BAD taco at all. Very good...but...not as good as....


Now the Pork is NICE and flavorful. Spicy but not too much...but a definite step above the chicken. We all agreed we liked the pork more.

Another detail of the chicken tacos...again not bad at all...just not as good as the pork.

This is the short rib tacos...

Our original truck we went to ran out of beef! AAAWWW!!! BUMMER! We were kinda pissed. I mean beef is the best right? We were ready to just settle eat and leave when someone said, I wonder if the other truck had beef. So we checked..and sure enough they said beef would be ready in 20 mins. So we placed order and waited...and waiting. It was a little longer than 20 I think some of my group was already cranky...waiting in the cold for the beef.

The beef was good...just as you would expect...but I think first impression and impact the winner was Pork this evening. I may try to catch them again and maybe get there earlier and order the beef again...maybe in a burrito and give it another chance.

Peeps need to check it is truly a very LA "experience" to do this..if only for just once and say you did.

$5 burritos
$2 tacos

check em out!