Friday, January 23, 2009

LV and Kanye West Collabo

From Louis Vuitton Press Info:

Louis Vu i t ton is pleased to announce a cre a t i ve collaboration with the te n - t i m e G ra m my Awa rd-winning producer and re c o rding art i st Ka nye We st. We st - who in the past has dubbed himself the "Louis Vu i t ton don" - has part n e red with th e House to cre a te a collection of sneake rs. In an exc l u s i ve prev i ew, Louis Vu i t to n A rt i stic Dire c tor Marc Jacobs and Men's Studio Dire c tor Paul Helbers have chosen one design to fe a t u re in to d ay's show. The full Ka nye We st collection will be available in Louis Vu i t ton sto res from June 2009.
Yves Carcelle, CEO of Louis Vu i t ton, comments: "We are delighted that Ka nye
We st accepted our inv i tation to ex tend his considerable cre a t i ve talents fro m music to design. He has always been a big friend of Louis Vu i t ton, with a ke e n
sense of personal st yle, and this imp re s s i ve design debut fulfils an ambition he has held for some time."
Ka nye We st adds, "To me, Louis Vu i t ton is the most imp o rtant brand in fa s h i o n . It's name means luxur y and qu a l i t y. It's logo is a symbol of aspiration and i n fluence. I am proud to have collabora ted with LV on these shoes, but I am eve n m o re proud of the finished product."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

LeeJ's bday and FREAK THE VOTE

Happy Bday to LeeJ and good luck to the "Beat Freaks!"

best tacos around especially since it was INSIDE the club!

First Brunch of 2009

Got together with some friends and had our first brunch of 2009 at the ARTE Cafe in Cerritos.

This was the Duck Pate...

My Breakfast, some potatoes and some traditional eggs benedict.
Crab cakes
Tuna Tar Tar
Salmon dish

BBQ choice of our apps...