Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-org DVDs

More new year's cleaning and re-organizing.

So here is my DVD case. I bought this when I moved in and maybe I paid too much...this thing cost $1300. It is blacked steel, lockable and fire proof. It is kinda like a tool case. Anyways...I like here it is.

I needed to take some DVDs around and switch stuff around etc.

Here is a pic of one of the shelves. This case has 6 shelves that holds how many DVDs I dont know....

I will probably finally go Blu-Ray next year...but for now I am happy with my DVDs.

Now I know the next question is how to I organize all of these? Well...ok. I actually have my DVDs organized by Studio/Distributor, then by title, alphabetically. So the first ones are from 20th Century Fox and the last ones are Warner Brothers. LOL....I know...kinda weird.

Better shoes for my bad feet.

As some of few readers of this blog may know I have BAD FEET. I used have major pains in my foot and I was originally diagnosed with GOUT. But after seeing a foot specialist and having an MRI done, I thankfully do not have gout but my feet are thrashed. I have flat feet that are also "hypermobile." I also have some arthritis in my feet too. you can imagine, finding good shoes to work out in is very important. I use to spend tons of money on AIR MAX and other pricey shoes. I am very brand loyal to Nike so I was determined to find the right shoes for me.

I did some research and found out about 2 specific categories in running shoes. STABILITY and MOTION CONTROL shoes are made for people like me. Over pronators and "heavier" peeps. LOL. Yeah that is after doing some more research...I picked this up.


This is a running trainer that Nike has in its STABILITY and MOTION CONTROL segment. I bought these new shoes for the new year....I try to change out my work out shoes every 6 months. They don't look as sexy as those AIR MAX 2009s but....these do not cost $160 either.

The shoe's price is $135 but I found it on ZAPPOS for $100. Not bad...I will try these out for 6 months and see what's what. I will post back up in 6 months and give a review.

BOAT HOUSE in Alhambra

Today after Kickboxing class, Barry and I decided we deserved a "nice" dinner. This is my 1st time and and Barry's 2nd.

Some background...this place is supposed to be the BOILING CRAB inferior imitator. But good thing for me I have never been to BC, so I had nothing to compare it to. I really liked it. I guess I have to try BC soon.

lobster in cajun spices

my crawfish, corn and sausage
dungeness crab
dinner aftermath...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hong Kong's Toy Museum: Giving old toys new life |

Hong Kong's Toy Museum: Giving old toys new life |

check out the story out of my boy's shop in Hong Kong! Great work Ambrose! So proud of you!!

The Ulitmate Showerhead.....

THUNDERHEAD.....the "best" showerhead out there. I read about it in a SKY MALL on a flight and had to have it. My current showerhead sucks....going to bring in the new year with a clean new bathroom. Gonna get a new rod, curtain, liner, rugs and scrub the whole bath and toilet...and this showerhead is the centerpiece of the whole project. Can't wait for it!

What am I going to do over XMAS?

Gonna watch me some DVDs...looking forward to re-watching THE HANGOVER and IB and STAR TREK!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Food is Awesome!

Went to Derek and Allison's for some holiday grub. We had a South Bay reunion of sorts. Friends from all over...Houston, Tennessee and elsewhere. Good times...and best of all Chef Mark did the heavy lifting and we got to have some Prime Rib baby!

Who else loves the END CUT? MMM MMM MMM.....

Potatoes Au Gratin

Creamed Corn do you make proper French Green Beans?



The first plate of at least

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Official Release Date - 12/23

Poster is "Space Girls" from, limited to 500 prints.
T Shirt is "Marvin Space Jam" from

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shogun in Ft Worth TX


What up to Viet my homie in Texas for holding it down. Check out their blog...and their cool kicks and premium underground clothing as well as their own line of shirts. I saw these and HAD to have them so I reached out and got in touch and ordered over the phone. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

If you don't you do...SHOGUN.

and now....

one more....that I wont bust out yet...check back here for the this shirt is BANANAS....the nuts!

You saw it here first....well kinda since I blurred it...but yeah this shirt is SICK.

RODEREE!!! Sick Pic from the RX7Club Cruise

Nice capture from the Turkey Run. Big props to Mike Kim for this pic. Thanks for sending me the file. I am going to make this a poster and hang it in my room! SICK!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ask me what time it is?


In case you are wondering what time it is right now..who needs a watch or a cell phone or a clock or ever the system clock on the very computer you are using...when you have semi nude and weird pics of Japanese girls holding up signs telling you the time.

there are 1440 minutes in a day and there are 1440 images....dare you to see each one if you can...see I waited and got rewarded with this pic a minute later...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Retro Air Jordan XII - White and Red

Release date - 12/19
Retro Air Jordan XII in the original colorway of White/Red

my favorite part is the carbon is a detail shot...

Nice job JB on the Carbon Fiber.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good food and Great Watches

My sister and I up with the homie Davie for some grub and some watch talk and basic catch up on life and all things. Davie is my watch godfather...the one that got me into fine watches and continues to school me on the hot ish out there....this dude is just bananas when it comes to fine watches...I am very lucky to have guys like this on my side.

So we met up at the usual spot in Hacienda Heights which is pretty much the middle for both of us. We had dinner at SUPREME DRAGON in the mall on Colima off of Fullerton Road.

Had the standard...onion pancakes.

These are the Siu Long Bao...

We all had the beef stew noodles......I have to admit. They were very good. Not the best and def not the worst. A pretty good noodle. Good flavor on the beef, noodles done right and the broth was great in the cold night. I enjoyed my meal.

After eating we all hopped over next door to Garden Cafe for some Red Bean Ice and continue chatting. Service pretty awful...and needed more condensed milk for the Red bean....anyways...moving on to the goodies in Davie's box.

He busted these little gems....

Panerai Power Reserve.....

Panerai Slytech Daylight

AP ROO in Rose Gold...

JLC Polaris 1965 Tribute - limited to 768 pieces world wide
Rolex Seadweller DEEP

Vintage Panerai Marina Militare
yeah it was a good night...cold but....very cool. (lol...get it? very cold..but cool?)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Final Touches on HAYASHI WHEELS Project

My wheels were all perfect but one thing was missing. CENTER CAPS. 99% of these old school wheels you find NEVER have the original Center Caps. Having them on your wheels is a big deal. My Hayashis did have center I did the next best thing. I bought and MADE my own!

Some generic plastic center caps... they came silver so I spray painted them a semi gloss black.

I found the ORIGINAL HAYASHI RACING LOGO on the net and had my friend make them into a decal. I placed them on...and here it is....

not bad....not totally original...since the old school caps actually stick out and are not flush like these. But I am happy on how they came out!