Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miracle at St. Anna

Tonight I helped out at the screening for MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA at the Mann Chinese 6 theaters in Hollywood. My friend Evelyn was in town as she works with Spike Lee and she asked me to tag along to help out. The premiere for the film was last night in NYC and tonight's screening is an "industry" screening...which means it was for Spike and 300 of his friends and peers. We had a good turn out...some notable names that were in attendance:

Kareem Abdul Jabar
Kadeen Hardison
Laz Alonzo (cast)
Derek Luke (cast)
Omar Benson Miller (cast)
Spike Lee (director)
Allen Payne
Guy Torrey
Vanessa Williams (soul food one not ms. america)
Rick Fox
James Woods
DB Sweeney
and a few more...

quick shot of the screening materials...we had the Reserved seating ticket, the actual ticket, the parking validation and the free popcorn and drink ticket.

The after party was at The Stork Club next door. Of course, we just made sure Spike and his party was situated and we bounced. Took my friend back to her hotel as she and Spike had a VERY early flight back to NYC tomorrow.

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