Friday, September 19, 2008

Mama Lu's Dumpling House and Shau May

Went to dinner this evening with some friends and we all were to meet at a spot called HEAVY NOODLING on Garvey. This place was pretty good as it offered real hand made noodles. The cooks in the back literally old school style took the dough and hand cut your noodles. I went there about 2-3 times and yeah it was pretty good. So we decided to meet there......but when I got there...this is what I saw.
Apparently, no more HEAVY is now MAMA'S LU DUMPLING HOUSE. LOL at the bad grammar...I wish Chinese business owners used at least ONE English speaker to proof read some stuff for them before they make a god damn lighted sign...please. You dont have ONE
English speaking friend that could fix that before you made it into a sign? Anyways...

This place has the typical "Shanghai" menu...noodle soups and dumplings. So we gave it a try...

This is the house special fried rice, AKA Young Chow Fried needed some more salt or soy, a little light but I would rather have the rice light than super it was ok.
here is the traditional Onion Pancake. Not greasy at all and pretty good. A tad chewy for me, but not bad, I have had worst.
Another staple, Shanghai Rice Cake. A little greasy and again, light on flavor. It could use a tad more MSG or whatever.
One of my faves..BEEF STEW NOODLES..and these were pretty good. The meat was nice and tender, but again the broth was light...not spicy at all. Again, not I would rather they err on the side of not enough flavor than too much.
Now for the good stuff...the stuff that this place is named for in the first place...THE DUMPLINGS!

These are steamed dumplings with Pork and Napa Cabbage. Very tasty....

These were the pork and crab dumplings...sadly I did not get a taste of one of these, they were all gone when I looked up!

This is a detail of the standard...SIU LONG BAO...or Soup Dumpling or Juicy Pork Dumpling. These had a little thicker skin than others...but very filling. So a couple of these and you felt pretty full.

As they sat in the steamer....yummy!

After all what a cheap bill. We had so much food and the bill was $81.11!!! Can you friggin believe that? So each of us paid $10 each! WOW! So cheap for good decent dumplings.

After that...we headed to...

Which is in the same complex. Easy walk....and being a fatty I ordered my Shaved Ice with EXTRA condensed milk...yummy! Condensed Milk is like my crack...I love the stuff. Cannot get enough of it...

As you can see, I had red bean, almond jello, and some pinapples....YUMMY!

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Mochibear8 said...

Owe shit "son" now that is what I'm talkin about! Damn, pass a dumpling or two my way please... and no shumai? I would've ordered my shaved ice the same way. Great minds think alike! Keep up the great eating!;)