Saturday, September 20, 2008

Derek's Surprise Birthday Luau

Today I attended a surprise birthday luau for Derek. Talk about great great food. WOW. I figured I would cut to the chase and show you my has sort of the "greatest hits" on it.

As you can see, there was kalbi, fried rice, saimin, kalua pork, chicken wings...other things not shown - Chili, Poke, Spam Musubis, Hot Dogs, Chinese Chicken Salad and maybe even more. What a spread! SOOOO GOOD!

Now...think the food was good? Well....I did not know what hit me when we saw the DESSERTS!

here is how it looked..... we find out that Derek's sister MADE ALL THE DESSERTS...cake included. turns out Derek's sister works for NEW YORK FOOD of or actually best caterers in the south bay. She works there as one of the pastry drool at these pics...please remember these are completely 100% home made!

These are PB&J cupcakes! Yes...peanut butter and jelly inside these cupcakes!

aaahh...the classic...RED VELVET CUPCAKES! droool.....

These were one of my faves...KEY LIME TARTS...wowzers....I could pop those like popcorn.

and my all time favorite...LEMON SQUARES!!! love these things!

It was a great time with some friends that I do not get to see all the time.

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