Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sevenstock 2008

I attended SEVENSTOCK XI 2008 this weekend...soooo many pics. See below....

My Pics

You can check out my pics at flickr.....

here is video of the morning run...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Julie D and Bob's Big Boy

My gal pal Julie D was in town so we gathered up the remaining old school RD team and met for lunch. Paul, Julie, Jenn D, Michelle and I all met today at Bob's in Burbank.

Here is my "usual" the chili spaghetti size...yummy!

The lovely ladies...Michelle Julie and Jenn D.
We had such a great time hanging out and talking about the old days and the future. Some friends you dont have to try...and these are those friends. Although we have not seen each other in a long time, it was like nothing at all...once we got together. Effortless...I love it and I love you guys!

When the workers bee's had to make it back to the office....Julie and I went to Coffee Bean for some more chatting...
Another crack addiction for me....Mucho Mango from Coffee it love it love it. SOOO GOOD!

Miracle at St. Anna

Tonight I helped out at the screening for MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA at the Mann Chinese 6 theaters in Hollywood. My friend Evelyn was in town as she works with Spike Lee and she asked me to tag along to help out. The premiere for the film was last night in NYC and tonight's screening is an "industry" screening...which means it was for Spike and 300 of his friends and peers. We had a good turn out...some notable names that were in attendance:

Kareem Abdul Jabar
Kadeen Hardison
Laz Alonzo (cast)
Derek Luke (cast)
Omar Benson Miller (cast)
Spike Lee (director)
Allen Payne
Guy Torrey
Vanessa Williams (soul food one not ms. america)
Rick Fox
James Woods
DB Sweeney
and a few more...

quick shot of the screening materials...we had the Reserved seating ticket, the actual ticket, the parking validation and the free popcorn and drink ticket.

The after party was at The Stork Club next door. Of course, we just made sure Spike and his party was situated and we bounced. Took my friend back to her hotel as she and Spike had a VERY early flight back to NYC tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Al and Krist rollin....

My Video

My Barrel Couple!

My boy Joe just came from the PI...and before he left I said..yo bring me back a "barrel man!"

he remembered and came back with this....

how cool...he brought me the COUPLE! Now I have the man and the woman! WOOHOO! I think the next thing I need is the giant spoon and fork to hang in my living room.

Thanks again Joe!

Marquez El Tepeyac in MPK

The boys wanted to try MARQUEZ in MPK...this is an offshoot of the OG El Tepeyac in East LA (check my previous blog entry). So apparently, the owners here, have the same recipes or the same cooks here. We tried it and is pretty much the same...check out this burrito. At the OG it is called the Hollenbeck but here it is called the combo #1.

It is a MONSTER!

Here is a detail of the insides....crazy!

Pretty damn good...I think I have had enough Mexican food to last me a week...I am ready for some rice and noodles or something "Asian" for sure.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Derek's Surprise Birthday Luau

Today I attended a surprise birthday luau for Derek. Talk about great great food. WOW. I figured I would cut to the chase and show you my has sort of the "greatest hits" on it.

As you can see, there was kalbi, fried rice, saimin, kalua pork, chicken wings...other things not shown - Chili, Poke, Spam Musubis, Hot Dogs, Chinese Chicken Salad and maybe even more. What a spread! SOOOO GOOD!

Now...think the food was good? Well....I did not know what hit me when we saw the DESSERTS!

here is how it looked..... we find out that Derek's sister MADE ALL THE DESSERTS...cake included. turns out Derek's sister works for NEW YORK FOOD of or actually best caterers in the south bay. She works there as one of the pastry drool at these pics...please remember these are completely 100% home made!

These are PB&J cupcakes! Yes...peanut butter and jelly inside these cupcakes!

aaahh...the classic...RED VELVET CUPCAKES! droool.....

These were one of my faves...KEY LIME TARTS...wowzers....I could pop those like popcorn.

and my all time favorite...LEMON SQUARES!!! love these things!

It was a great time with some friends that I do not get to see all the time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mama Lu's Dumpling House and Shau May

Went to dinner this evening with some friends and we all were to meet at a spot called HEAVY NOODLING on Garvey. This place was pretty good as it offered real hand made noodles. The cooks in the back literally old school style took the dough and hand cut your noodles. I went there about 2-3 times and yeah it was pretty good. So we decided to meet there......but when I got there...this is what I saw.
Apparently, no more HEAVY is now MAMA'S LU DUMPLING HOUSE. LOL at the bad grammar...I wish Chinese business owners used at least ONE English speaker to proof read some stuff for them before they make a god damn lighted sign...please. You dont have ONE
English speaking friend that could fix that before you made it into a sign? Anyways...

This place has the typical "Shanghai" menu...noodle soups and dumplings. So we gave it a try...

This is the house special fried rice, AKA Young Chow Fried needed some more salt or soy, a little light but I would rather have the rice light than super it was ok.
here is the traditional Onion Pancake. Not greasy at all and pretty good. A tad chewy for me, but not bad, I have had worst.
Another staple, Shanghai Rice Cake. A little greasy and again, light on flavor. It could use a tad more MSG or whatever.
One of my faves..BEEF STEW NOODLES..and these were pretty good. The meat was nice and tender, but again the broth was light...not spicy at all. Again, not I would rather they err on the side of not enough flavor than too much.
Now for the good stuff...the stuff that this place is named for in the first place...THE DUMPLINGS!

These are steamed dumplings with Pork and Napa Cabbage. Very tasty....

These were the pork and crab dumplings...sadly I did not get a taste of one of these, they were all gone when I looked up!

This is a detail of the standard...SIU LONG BAO...or Soup Dumpling or Juicy Pork Dumpling. These had a little thicker skin than others...but very filling. So a couple of these and you felt pretty full.

As they sat in the steamer....yummy!

After all what a cheap bill. We had so much food and the bill was $81.11!!! Can you friggin believe that? So each of us paid $10 each! WOW! So cheap for good decent dumplings.

After that...we headed to...

Which is in the same complex. Easy walk....and being a fatty I ordered my Shaved Ice with EXTRA condensed milk...yummy! Condensed Milk is like my crack...I love the stuff. Cannot get enough of it...

As you can see, I had red bean, almond jello, and some pinapples....YUMMY!

Air Jordan I - Olympic Edition

Palin better than Rice?


You can read the whole article by clicking the link above...

I read this commentary from my good friend Cameron and it really made me think. So much that I posted this on several of my car sites for discussion. What do you all think? It kind of makes sense to me that McCain should of went with Rice as his running mate. Most would agree that a McCain/Rice ticket would be very very hard to beat. Condoleeza is a million times more qualified than Palin. Take away sex and race, as a Republican Figure, Rice is pretty much up there. She has served her party very it is kinda odd that her name was not mentioned. Also...even if Rice declined it or whatever...I still find it very hard to imagine Rice and Palin BOTH BEING ON THE SAME SHORT LIST for VP? Come on....oh it and think about it!


by Cameron Turner

read the complete column at Urban Thought Collective

John McCain wanted a woman to be his v.p. but he didn’t choose Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice even though her foreign policy expertise easily makes her the most qualified Republican woman for the job. But McCain wasn’t interested in qualifications. He was interested in image.

Sarah Palin does not have the professional necessities (to borrow Al Campanis’ infamous term) to be second-in-line to the President. But she does embody the Norman Rockwell-meets-Mayberry mythology that the GOP’s conservative, overwhelmingly white base holds dear. She’s a white woman from a small, predominately white country town who embraces good ol’ boy ways, loves to hunt, has a big family and espouses conservative Christian values (even if she’s been unable to make some of those values stick in her own home). She can even skin a dead moose! (“Field dress?” Isn’t that the term?)

The Republican base would never have chosen Condoleezza Rice because she’s an intellectual and, much more importantly, because she’s…well…you know… “African-American.”

Before they accepted a black woman who has spent the last eight years in a Republican administration and is one of the nation’s foremost experts on global affairs, those right wing base voters (the same ones who laughed at the New Yorker cover and lined up to buy boxes of “Obama Waffle” mix) would rather have an inexperienced, uninformed white woman who’s facing a state ethics investigation, has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter and thinks that being able to see Russia gives her insight into foreign policy.

I’m Cameron Turner and that’s my two cents.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BA LE - Sandwiches

So figuring I would try to have a "healthier' dinner this evening, I decided to run out and grab some Vietnamese sandwiches aka bahn mi. I went to try this place that has some buzz...BA LE on Atlantic and Valley.

How can you beat a $2.50 sandwich? Subway what? Togos where? Yeah...good stuff. I got a BBQ pork and a BBQ beef.

RX7 Mods installs....

Finally did the install on the headlights and strut bar....check it out!

Birthday Celebration at FO and The Ritz!

What a nice Saturday evening I had. I went out to celebrate two Sept bdays with some friends. We were celebrating Paul and Annie's bdays and started our evening at the very much hyped FATHER'S OFFICE in Culver City.

This is the LA place that made "GastroPub" the latest hot place to go. It is a full bar with high end bar food. No waiters or condiments. You order at the bar and then find a seat for yourself.

We tried all the appetizers as well as a couple specials. This is the "Spanish Mushrooms."

This is the burger you get at Father's Office...the Office Burger! Let me is a good burger...but honestly, I still think In & Out and Apple Pan is better. Not by too much... but a tad better. Maybe it was the hype...but I was expecting A LOT.....

Detail of the top sirloin burger....

I have always wanted to try BONE MARROW...and I was not was so rich and decadent!

and the other famous thing FO is famous for...

sweet potato frites.....

after a deelish meal we headed over to the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey for some dessert and drinks....this is a cheesecake from the pastry chef at the Ritz.

Heaven on a plate...Berry Crumble....OMG! So good....

For the chocolate lovers...this is the MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE...

the rest of the pics are shall we say...PRIVATE...but put it this way...we had FUN!!! So to protect the parties involved no more pics!

German Auto Fest

in one word WACK....some decent and there but as usual the fun part was the drive up. Nice long cruise with some good friends make it worth it. Otherwise...not much going on at the show. Totally worst than last year...and had to pay $5 to park and $12 to get in...should of been free....