Sunday, August 31, 2008


One of favorite songs from S.H.E. They are awesome...yeah my fobbby-ness comes out.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good food and even better WATCHES!!

This evening I was lucky enough to be invited to a small dinner hosted for a good friend and Paneristi that was in town to cover the NASCAR races in Fontana. So we met at CASABLANCA Bar and Grill in Claremont for dinner and convo. Here is what went down.

This is a wrist shot I took of my pal's HUBLOT Big Bang in Rose Gold. Rose Gold seems to be the next HOT ISH right now in the watch world. Rose Gold on Black Rubber...very sexy.

here is a couple TABLE SHOTS of all the pieces on hand this evening...if you use retail pricing, we had over 100K in watches in that pic.

Now to the other part of the evening. The Food! I had the combo shish kabob. EXCELLENT. The meat was very well seasoned and simply deelish. I wish I could take a better pic but we were seated outside and the lighting was just not great. So I had to use the flash...I hope you can tell even a little bit how good it was.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Berkeley Food Adventures - Day 3

Time to head back home. It is Monday and we have a flight to catch this afternoon. So we had for DIM SUM...again. What mom wants, mom gets right? We found this restaurant...

I have to say the food was good. Above average...but it was EXPENSIVE..and the service was HORRIBLE. The place was so big..there was not enough servers and no carts! We sat and sat and had to ask for all the food to be brought over. My mom was not happy at all. So we ate and left. We wanted to head back to Berkeley and say good bye to my brother before jumping on a plane home. The shrimp Hah Choorng was deelish...BTW.
So we walked down TELEGRAPH Rd, which I guess is the main drag. Visited the student store....
Rasputin and Amoeba records is about a block away from each other....
Did some shopping over here at T SHIRT ORGY. So I am fully CAL Geared up now. I have enough t shirts to last as well as a sweater. So yeah...I am good to go with school spirit.

Berkeley Food Adventures - DAY 2

Sunday AM. We had the whole day to go exploring. So we had what else? DIM SUM. That is all my mom wants so we wanted to please her...

While walking down the street in Chinatown, my mom asks some strangers, where to go for dim we got this recco.

Food was OK. Again not great just ok....and no carts. We had to order from a is one of my faves...fried lotus cake.
Shrimp Har Gao
Pork Siu Mai
Lotus Leave Wrapped Sticky Rice w/ Chicken

another fave and must have, Hai Choorng, shrimp in rice noodles.We went into SF Chinatown and walked around...kinda boring. All tourist any real shopping to be found. Kinda sad....we found a little bakery and had a snack before dinner. I had a custard filled roll and an egg custard. Both super fresh and super good! YUMMY!

Pile into the car and off the fisherman's wharf...for...what??
CLAM CHOWDER IN A SOURDOUGH BOWL!!! Where else except Boudins!

I had the half sandwich to go with my clam chowder.
After Fisherman's Wharf we headed back to the hotel to rest. My sis and bro and I headed down to the pool...which was heated and it felt great. We hung out for an hour and came back up...and boy we were HUNGRY! It was time for a late meal. We decided to go back to the little cafe, YUMMY where we got the waffle thingy and try them for a was not a let down. Good comfort food.

I had pepper pork chops over spaghetti.

My mom and sis shared this pork and salted egg porridge.

My sis ordered the potato chicken over rice.
my mom got some noodles with a bunch of weird innards in it. Whatever it was she seemed to like it.
and to balance it all out we had an order of veggies...gotta have some green right?

That was that time for bed....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Berkeley Food adventures - DAY 1

Obviously, whenever there is a trip there is food on the go and food in the area of where you are staying. Oakland and SF were where we ate. Mostly Chinese food as you will see. I divided my pics by is day 1.

After moving him in it was around 3:30ish and we thought a light snack would be in order. So my sis' friend that is from the area took us walking to the neighborhood that is Berkeley. We has some food at this spot

This is the chicken was pretty damn GOOD!!

This is what I had...MEAT about yummy!

After lunch we walked around and had to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Marriot at the Oakland Convention Center which is walking distance from Oakland Chinatown. Perfect right?

Next meal...Dinner. I did some research on YELP! and found a dumpling hand made noodle is where we went.

This is the standard beef noodle....pretty good. Not super excellent..but like a B.

This is the famous Jia Jiang mein...a little sweet for my taste but the handmade noodles really set it off.
Here is the house special. The Shan Dong special pork and veggie dumplings. I must admit very good...but NOT SUPER GREAT. I have had better...but for what it was still good. The skin was nice and really, what I enjoyed is watching the family actually making all of them by hand. So...that means alot.
Detail shots...
The inside of a Shan Dong Special Dumpling.

After dumplings my mom noticed a sign outside a cafe...they had these waffle thingies that are found all over Hong Kong but not so much here in LA or CA. So we decided to pop in and try the. The place was a cool little family owned cafe...very comfy and the menu looked decent.

oh yeah I wanted/needed some here is my large Iced Peach Green Tea.
and here they are. I wasn't super in love with them, I like my spot in LA a little better. But these were pretty good and actually got very addicting. I wanted another order after I ate these.
this was the end to a Saturday....a busy Saturday. Let's see what happens on Sunday!


This weekend the whole family drove up to Berkeley to move my little brother into his dorm at CAL. A long drive up and we moved him in on Saturday. Here is the view from the parking spot across the street.

So he is staying at the Cunningham Building.

A shot of his bed, as you can see...not a huge spot at all that he has to share with 2 other guy. CRAZY...oh well that is college life right?

Here is his view from his room. Not bad huh? Pretty damn nice view....

I had to take a shot of the bathrooms. OK get this...the dorms are COED...and SO ARE THE BATHROOMS! So guys and girls, use the showers and toilets together...kinda weird no? I mean it is a little strange to have the hottie down the hall from you dropping a deuce in the stall next to you. Talk about romantic! Here is a shot of the bathrooms...

And the showers...that you "share" with girls and guys....

Friday, August 22, 2008


I mean wow...EA is on top of their game.

Check this out...


EA's REPLY!!! What great Ownage and INSANE MARKETING!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics Women's Beach Volleyball - LOVE IT

I just had to post this...WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL IS HOT! it just my perverted horny male mind that thinks this? THESE CHICKS ARE HOT!

So I was watching the Olympics tonight and I catch the GOLD MEDAL round of volleyball. Bronze is locked and this is IT! USA vs CHINA to determine who receives gold and who gets silver. USA is pretty much favored as the dual chicks for USA have pretty much NEVER LOST...EVER.

Then you have team CHINA...who also is undefeated coming into this match. Both teams won 6 games straight to get to this point...

OK come on fellas...looks at this women. Now I am not saying they are super model fine or even have the movie star faces. They kinda look average...but look at the whole package! THOSE BODIES! Let's face it, these women play pretty much naked. They are literally in a bra and this makes the game already enjoyable to all men. But tonight's match...even was RAINING. So the gals were dripping wet playing volleyball! WOWZERS! What is a guy to do but drool on his tv?

All I gotta say is I am a fan and I am happy the USA won as I found out one of the gals on the USA dream team went to CSULB! WOOHOOO! But I would be just as pleased if CHINA won too...damn the China team aint messin around. One stands 6'3 and the other is 5'10. LOVING THAT. Beach volleyball is the greatest thing ever...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My friend Jeff emailed me some additional news stories on the Spain basketball team ad that I blogged about where the WHOLE team is making slanty eyes on a full page ad. Now...the basketball team is saying it was a GESTURE OF AFFECTION and it was meant to be a WINK or NOD to the China, the host country. WTF? I refuse to believe that in the year 2008 that the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY OF SPAIN..NO ONE....I mean no one on the team's executive management, the photographer, the newspaper, the ad agency...NO ONE HAD A HINT THAT IT MAY BE OFFENSIVE? Don't tell me shit, I work in PR and Marketing, I know how many hoops you have to jump through to approve a huge ad like that. MANY MANY EYES have to see it and it goes through at least some approval process.

Why wouldn't SOMEONE do a little research and figure out..hey that is pretty RACIST! I say FUCK SPAIN.

More reading on it....

If the host country was Africa could they pose with spears and a huge ring through their noses? How about Mexico host and they dress in sombreros, ponchos and a tequila bottle in each hand? Would that be ok? STUPID.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lakers to add some CHINESE flavor!!!

China's Sun agrees to terms with NBA Lakers

Sat Aug 9, 10:15 PM ET

Chinese national team member Sun Yue has agreed to terms on a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, the National Basketball Association club announced on Saturday.

The Lakers said on their website that they hope to finalize details on a contract with Sun in the coming weeks. Sun is in Beijing competing in the Summer Games with his Chinese teammates.

The Lakers drafted the 22-year-old Sun in the second round of the 2007 NBA entry draft.

Instead of heading to southern California, Sun continued to play with his club team Beijing Aoshen and with the Chinese national team.



How do you ingratiate yourself into a foreign culture? Take a photo mocking the way they look!
Spanish basketball team
The Spanish national basketball team, gold medal contenders at the Olympics in Beijing, was featured in a full page ad that shows the team pulling back at their eyes in a slanty-eyed gesture. According to the Guardian, the ad (which is for a freight company) ran in a Spanish newspaper.

An e-mail to the Spanish Basketball Federation was not immediately returned.