Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Tokyo Lunch

Met a couple of my friends today in J Town for a quick meeting about some possible new business. Man...I need some business right about now. Anyways....after we met we went to the Little Tokyo Plaza and ate at this little place next to Mitsuwa.
My friend had the Mabo was spicy and pretty good according to him.

This was my combo. I had the Shoyu Ramen with Fried Rice and Gyoza. The Ramen was pretty good. The broth was flavorful but the noodle portion was kinda low. The best was the fried rice. It was really good and surprisingly the gyoza was kinda booty. I ate em anyway...but yeah how can you ruin a gyoza? I guess I found just tasted funky. All in all, a decent lunch.

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