Sunday, July 13, 2008

Euro Pane - Pasadena

This morning I met my friend Donna for brunch. She is a fine art photographer and I am helping her with her bio that she needs as she gets into more and more exhibits. We met at Euro Pane in Pasadena a cool little bakery that has her photos hanging inside.

Fresh fruit bowl.
Here is the best of the best of Egg Salad sandwiches. I mean wow. I am not a huge fan of egg salad, but Donna wanted me to try it and what a surprise. It is damn good. Highly reccoed. If you are in the area or a fan of egg have to try it. EXCELLENT!


caglar tanrikulu said...

Hi there,

EuroPane was my favorite place to go over the weekends when I used to live in Pasadena. I just created a group for EuroPane fans on Facebook, and I was looking for a photo of the EuroPane sign to use as the profile image when I came across your photo. Would you mind if I used your photo for this purpose? I'll put a link in the photo caption to your blog.

Thanks in advance.

(Oh, whenever I was there with other people I used to share an egg-salad (on olive) and tomato-feta sandwich (on cranberry-walnut) with a friend, half-half. Wonderful combination in my opinion. I really wish I could go back there...)

國榮 said...

Sure!No problem. Thank you for asking!