Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vegas = Miriam, Wayne, Poker and Craps

What a weekend. Memorial weekend was much more exciting than usual...I flew to Las Vegas to catch my first Chinese Canto-Pop Concert with Miriam Yeung. I posted about this a few weeks back so yeah I finally went. Me, mom and sis all 3 went to Vegas, but only mom and I went to the concert.
This is the show poster outside the Mandalay Bay Events Center.....
This is one of THE BEST shots I was able to take of Miriam from where we were sitting. Not bad using my Canon PnS and using the Digital Zoom. I was very lucky this came out so well.

Here are the tickets...we paid $108 for them but we got moved around to a little better seats. It was about 2500 total in attendance. Miriam was great she came out for her encore and stayed a long time and sang 3 more songs and chatted with the audience. Mom and me had lots of fun!

Since that was Sunday night, we had Monday night to the family decided to go see WAYNE BRADY at the Venetian. Let me just say...HANDS DOWN, he is one of THEE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE PERIOD. He can sing, dance, act, comedy, impersonations...all perfectly. His show is fun and he does improv, invites people to participate and great singing etc. Very enjoyable Vegas show. About $60 per ticket for 90 mins of good fun. I would recco it...especially if you are a fan of Wayne's it was good to see him in person.

Our Tickets to Wayne....


I wanted to also state that I have now officially played poker, REAL poker in Vegas in a REAL poker room a grand total of TWO TIMES. I played this weekend at Bally's poker room and I popped my cherry on 1/2 No Limit Texas Hold'em. They have $100 min and a $300 max buy in. Let me tell was FUN! I will cut to the chase...

I get dealt - KK
call - $12 (raise $10 to the $2 call)
flop - J, 9 J

so now I have 2 pairs...Kings and Jacks. Checks across the table. I throw a little out there. $20 more.

I get 3 callers.

4th street - K

Yup...your boy has just hit a full house, Kings over Jacks. Checks go around....comes to me. I look down...and I say....ALL IN. I had about $285 in chips or something close.

one guy folds.

next taking his time. I am PRAYING he calls....and he has been playing pretty aggressively and he has the chips...he was one of the chip leaders at the table, so he has the money. Another minute or so...goes by. HE CALLS.

BAM! We flip...he was holding J,9. So he had a full house too..Jacks over 9s. So HE HAD TO CALL ME. He died when he saw my KINGS. YAY BABY. I won that pot...and I was literally SHAKING. My heart was beating and my hands were shaking...OMG. I can never be a pro...I react too much to my cards. Pretty funny. That was my best hand...I stayed a few more and won a couple more pots...and walked away a very HAPPY DUDE! Not bad for a newbie.

Then I went to CRAPS on Monday night. Let me just say...FIRST TIME EVER...I rode a wave like that. On my table...we had 3-4 guys that all rolled for a MINIMUM of 30 mins each. Hitting numbers and hard ways. Let me just say...that table COULD NOT LOSE. I have never experienced that ever. I was at that craps table for 2 hours. WIN WIN WIN WIN. If I only betted more than I did. I played with what little I had but all in all, it was a kinda weird "life" experience to be at a table and experience something that people only talk about. The kind of Vegas craps stories you hear about but never experience. Well, I did...I will never forget...and no I did not walk away with thousands...which I could of...but just being there from beginning to end was just crazy. I will never forget it.

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