Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Food Adventures

This time in SANTA CLARITA VALLEY! read correctly. What the heck is in the SCV? Magic Mountain and that's it right? Well, you may be partially right but....while hanging out on a lazy Friday, my friends and I had some good eating adventures. Here are the highlights!
This was our first stop...for brunch...well maybe more like lunchtime. We were running late. This place is AWESOME! Yes they have 101 Omelets. The menu is crazy...they are open only for breakfast and lunch thats it. SOooooo good! Here is what I had....HOLD ON TO YOUR STOMACHS!
OK this picture does this dish NO JUSTICE. OMG! This is the FILLET BENEDICT! Yes your Eggs Benedict but instead of ham, it is a 6.0z Fillet Mignon....OMG it was soooo good. Home fried oh man.
Next for dinner, we went to MOJITO. A very nice Cuban restaurant totally out in the SCV? Who woulda thunk it? I had the Bistec at it..

some of the other dishes my friends had...

pork chops...

this was the night's special, skirt steak with prawns!
garlic butter shrimp and lobster with Colombian rice...soooo good!

The tandoori Mahi Mahi.....

overall...what a great day of hanging out...and eating with good friends. But...I have to say NOTHING beats a hot day like ORANGE JULIUS at the MALL!

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