Thursday, May 22, 2008

Talking shit will get you arrested...stupid!

Did anyone see this on YOUTUBE? Basically, this has been burning up YouTube world wide. If anyone here can translate that would be cool...this is not my dialect of Chinese so I have no clue what she is saying.

Apparently, she is BAD MOUTHING the Sichuan people in China that suffered in the earthquake. She is talking mad crazy ignorant shit. From what I gathered on youtube, she has been arrested for what would equal to treason here in the US. She is in custody now...for her own damn protection. If anyone finds her, they are going to kill her. There is huge uproar regarding this video..some even say it is faked but others say its real and the girl in the video has already been caught. I read some more and apparently she was pissed because she could not play her favorite online game, because the country has a 3 days of mourning and things were shut down. So because she could not play her game, she did this video rant...and in jail now.

Just terrible...for someone like this to exist and talk her big fat ass mouth off. She is going to get way or another. What China needs more of this crap right now. Sigh....

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