Sunday, April 13, 2008

Noelani's 1st Birthday

I attended my old high school friend's daughter's birthday. Noelani is 1 year old and she is the daugter of Matt and Tina.
Here is a shot of me and Matt. I have known Matt now for what....TWENTY YEARS! Yup...around 1988 in while attending the LA County High School of the Arts at Cal State LA. Matt was one grade up but we all still hung out. He is now a tattoo artist that lives in Hawaii and work in Waikiki. Pretty amazing how you can stay in touch and still be friends with some people...when there are others that just kinda disappear out of your life very easily. Strange indeed. It was really good to see him.

And this is his princess. Little Noelani. She was really enjoying her first birthday cake. Matt and Tina growing the Hapa population with another cutie pie.

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