Saturday, April 19, 2008

Julie D going to NYC!!!

One of my best friends in the world is my old Radio Disney colleague Julie D. Julie recently accepted a great job offer in NYC! She will be moving next month to start a new life working in the big apple! Super exciting and I am very very proud of her. This morning a few of us got together and had brunch at the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood.

Yup...that was all me...your boy knows how to throw down with the Chicken Fried tasted as great as it looked.

Here is me and Julie. Although we have not had much time to get together, the thought that she is gone will be sad and I will miss her. But hey never hurts to have one more contact in NYC if and when I go back right?
the RD BOYZ hahahaa...this is a great pic for me. Me, Joseph and Paul the Radio Disney boys. We were like the only ones on the whole team. Pretty cool I must say. Paul is married with his little boy Lucas, and Joseph is getting married next month. Which of course just leaves usual.

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