Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jordan Countdown Pack - 2/21

This is my second CDP (Count Down Pack). Quick recap for those that don't know...for 2008 Brand Jordan is not releasing any retro shoes. Instead, they are releasing ALL the shoes in a combo pack. Two pairs of shoes from the Jordan line....that when combined will equal 23. The first pack was the 10/13 that I have. This is the another set that I wanted the 2/21. I mainly wanted the II. That shoe just looks so great in my opinion. So I really paid for the 2 and the 21 is just an extra shoe!

Here are the pics!

The Jordan Countdown Packs come in this amazing box. The shoes are doubled up in a cigar style top and it is very very cool looking.

Another cool thing is the XXI comes with another set of heel air cushions. You can switch from Nike Zoom Air to the Nike Air capsules.

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