Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the sake of FASHION

OK so for those that KNOW me...I am not much of a sports guy. Infact I have ZERO interest in sports. Maybe when it is the finals or the superbowl I will participate and watch the games as a spectator with friends. But I have no clue who is who and plays for what or what stats. A girl's dream come true right? HA!

Anyways...so yes I finally took the plunge and purchased one of these:

This is a Nike Retro Replica Jersey of Michael Jordan's rookie year with the Bulls. I really like this one because the "Chicago" in script is very cool.

I have always admired MJ the MAN as well as being the best player ever...and actually being alive and able to appreciate when he actually played. I remember going to Chicago to visit my grandma and having family taking me to the "Jordan's Restaurant" and buying a Chicago Bulls Shooting Shirt at the mall in Chicago. I remember going to the United center and taking a picture next to the statue of MJ outside, and I can remember him actually playing and winning both 3 peats. So yeah being an Old Guy has its privileges. I guess I can say I earned the right to this jersey simply because I was around when he wore it. or not. Either way, I now have something to wear with my Air Jordan sneakers. That's all I wanted....

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Anonymous said...

where did u find it im looking for one!