Monday, March 31, 2008

Big Bad Photographer!

NOT! Here are some shots from the models I took pictures of on Friday at the PCARS Event. A few more pics of Michelle and Jenny. I tried to crop them better and added some basic color adjustments.

This is the lovely MICHELLE

and here is JENNY

Daddy Likee.... =)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poker and Tacos

POKER? I don't even know her!

Saturday night...guys poker night in C-Town. Had fun hanging with the fellas and talking crap and slinging cards.
Come around 230AM it is time to make a taco run. Why does greasy nasty food always taste sooo damn good after hours? I dont know man...but it sure does work. These bad boys below were deeelish! 2 carnitas and 2 carne onions with green chile. MAN! Were they good.

Again, maybe its because it is 230AM and you are kinda hungry and really tired they taste so great. Great night...thanks to the homies for a lot of fun!

That's what I want....

Originally uploaded by AsianImage

Need to make more of this...and fast......

Saturday, March 29, 2008

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS - Life is nice with Girls....

Friday, March 28, 2008 - PCARS.COM GTG at Alhambra Wheel and Tire.

My friends at PCARS has a little GTG today and yeah I guess I would say I had some fun. I wasn't worried about the cars so much as the girls. They hired a few models to come and let us shoot them with the cars. The girls were VERY nice and cool. Usually, when you go to a car show and chat with the models, they are usually..kinda bitchy. So it was very refreshing to meet these gals that were very very nice and just laid back. They did not mind freezing and letting us pose them etc. Very cool. I guess it just made them more appealing since they were so nice. Anyways...I did not bother with the cars...I just took pics of the here are some shots.

This is Michelle and Mandy

This is Jenny...

And of course a shot with FAST DER and Michelle.... =)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can't Touch Dis....CHINESE POWER!

Who said Asians/Chinese can't dance? THIS HERE IS SKILLS!

I saw this on my homies blog and I had to post this up....I mean...MY GOSH this dude is bad ass. And yes...dont you love Grandma "Pou Pou" just sitting on the couch? HI FRICKIN LARIOUS!

Chrysler - BEHIND THE LENS Award

I was freelancing this week for my good friends at Bazan PR. I helped out at the 6th annual CHRYSLER BEHIND THE LENS Awards. This year, they honored SPIKE LEE. We had a great event at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills. Lots of press and lots of celebrities.

Here is snap shot of my pals. Joy and EV from Bazan PR. They made the 3 days working on this project so much fun. It was so great to work with them. I really had a fun time.

Here I am cheesing it up on the red carpet/step & repeat banner. That is what us bored publicist do at the end of an event. When everyone is gone and done and before they knock it down you sneak in a pic...ala a celebrity. It is cheesy fun at its best. So yeah here I am totally hamming it up on the red carpet.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jesus and Chocolate Bunnies - Easter!

What does Easter mean? I have no idea. I get the part that Jesus was crucified and then 3 days later he comes back to life..and this is Easter right? Again, I have no idea I am not religious and definitely not what do I know.

Easter definitely loses its charm as you get older. When you are older, there are no eggs to look for and no baskets full of goodies. But it is a time to get together with family I guess so that is good.

Let's start with GOOD FRIDAY. I guess it was really GREAT! I met with a recruiter that looked a lot like Gabrielle Union. She is very pretty. We chatted and she thinks she can find me some work. So fingers crossed on that. I figure it is always better to have another person working for you right? After my meeting I drove down to C TOWN and met with the AT Fam. We had lunch at RED ROBIN at the Cerritos Mall and had another great surprise. My friend Jeff announced that he and his wife were expecting! We got to see pics and video of the heartbeat etc. Very exciting times for the crew.

Saturday was quiet....slept in and I picked up mom and took her to dim sum where we met her cousin David. She basically has not seen this guy for like 20 years. So it was cool to hang and eat and chit chat. After that I came home and headed to my friend Matt and June's for some stickering. read right, I stickered all evening. But Matt was kind enough to bill back for my manual labor...and I made some spending money on Sat. THANK YOU MATT! It was definitely needed and wanted!

Today, Sunday, I went to my friend Alex's home to spend Easter with his son Lucas and all of his inlaws. We had all kinds of food, played some poker and just hung out. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Tomorrow, Monday I begin my 3 days with Bazan Entertainment. It is that time of the year again, for the Chrysler, BEHIND THE LENS awards. This time it is honoring Spike Lee. So I am freelancing for the next 3 days until the show. I guess it is good, will keep me busy and maybe earn a little cash while I am at it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happiness, Love and a Wedding!!!

Today I had the honor of attending my good friend's Jeff and Lily's wedding/banquet. It was held at the Universal City Hyatt. Very very good time. I was also asked to be their "videographer" and I was handling the cam with the dutie to capture their happiness. I sure hope I did a good job...I guess we shall see once they look at the footage. Here is a pic.So that is me...and Lily and Jeff on their very happy day. Maybe some of their love and luck will rub off on me and I can find me some love and or a gig. Would be nice I tells ya...very nice.

Here's to Jeff and Lily...congrats and lots of love and a long marriage to each other filled with smiles and laughter! Love you guys!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/14/2008 BAH HUMBUG

So...I began a little thing on my 30th birthday...oh so long ago. I went out picked up a few newspapers on my birthday (or when I can rememberto do so). I figured it was a nice and cheap way to kinda create a time capsule of your life/birthday. I can read about the news and history, weather, movies out, music etc. I figure when I am 80 in my wheelchair I can read these papers and trip out on them.
So here they are...LA TIMES, USA TODAY and LA WEEKLY. 3 Good little slices of LIFE as of 35th. Wow...crazy to type it. I can only say it has been a ok bday. I guess I should be very happy for my health and my family and friends. Everyone is good...and some friends of mine celebrated their 3rd anniversary, I have a wedding on Sunday and other friends are doing well in their worlds. I am very lucky that people in my world are all well. Then there is the crappy side of unemployment. Not so happy for this birthday....not at all. Going on 8 months now...yippeee!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Japanese Sushi and Sake Festival - Anaheim CA

So today I was very lucky to be invited to attend the Japanese Sushi and Sake Festival held this year in Anaheim CA at the Hyatt. My good friend that works for the Japanese Council General was able to hook it up.

As you can see...there were booths and booths of some of the finese sake and beers. All the big ones were there, Asahi, Kirin, and Sapporo among others. Funny thing is I dont drink and I dont eat Sushi! HA! But there were some cooked stuff. I have two words...WANGYU BEEF! OMG! So tender..and so damn good. It is the best period.

and then there were....

KAWAII! Gotta love the sake girls! WOW WOW WOW. I was very heart definitely belonged to this one....
She IS A CUTIE! WOW! HAPPA - Japanese and Latina. There is a GOD...because only GOD can make HAPA magic and have her! Yes I was ready to marry her. =)

Good times...good times indeed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom!!

Looks like a great flick....JACKIE CHAN and JET LI together in ONE movie!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busy Weekend

Had a pretty busy and fun filled weekend I must say. Started Saturday very early and did a run down to "Cars & Coffee" in Irvine. Met up with some friends and then had our usual breakfast at CoCos afterwards. Good times as usual and I brought my Mazda instead of the other car. Here is a quick parking lot shot. Usual suspects!

Later that afternoon, I had to head over to my buddy Jeff's Bachelor GTG. No strippers or too much debauchery. We met up, played some rockband, and headed over to the Commerce Casino to play the HOME GAME they have there. Very very fun and I would love to go again. It was so nice to have our own dealer and they can keep track of the rules and bets etc. Very cool. After some poker we headed to Steven's steakhouse nearby. Boy what a meal. Tons of meat and a live salsa band! stuff. Here is a pic of the group outside the restaurant.

Sunday AM. I wake up a little later than usual. The time change got me buggin! So I wake up and I decided I need to clean my mess of a room. I got down and dirty. Cleaned, changed the sheets, and vacuumed and finally organized my shoe collection and put them in an orderly fashion. So there you have it. My tiny little shoe collection...of course I have some other random pairs under my bed and in my downstairs closet. These just represent the "heart" of my collection...the JORDANS.
I am hoping with the cleansing of the room...I can invite positive energy and fresh energy into my life and world. There is an old saying..if you keep all your old junk and your pack rat can new and wonderful things come into your life if you are holding on to old things? With that in mind, I also cleaned out my t shirts...and will be donating a bag tomorrow morning too. Now my space is uncluttered and open so maybe it will welcome some good energy. Keeping those fingers crossed!

Friday, March 7, 2008



Air Jordan XX3
Originally uploaded by AsianImage

Here is a shot of my collection of XX3s. I have 1 pair of the Playoffs which were limited to "lifestyle" accounts and 2 pair of the Stealths. I also included my special edition of SOLE Collector magazine which celebrates the XX3. The twenty third edition of the Air Jordan Shoe. This magazine came in 2 covers. The one I have is the one ONLY subscribers got. The other cover features Michael and Tinker Hatfield teh original designer of Jordans. That issue is only at FootLockers and newsstands.

$4 Gas....just what I need

Talk about life changes. What can someone do when oil is trading for over $100 and that leads to $4 a gallon gas. Experts are saying we may see $5 a gallon by the summer if this keeps up. I kinda doubt and hope it wont...but never know. Seeing $4.49 for Super at an LA Chevron is enough to make you cry.

What other good news is there? Oh yeah..unemployment. A friend recently told me...that if the US unemployment rate hist 5% we will OFFICIALLY be in a RECESSION. YAY! That is just great news. Sigh...

When are things going to look up? Someone tell me...ugh. Getting tired of just getting by peeps. OK time to sleep...

Monday, March 3, 2008

HR people...Common Courtesy?

I have been aggressively looking for work since July of last year. I was laid off and well the area of expertise I am in is not very plentiful. Well...I have been on several interviews throughout and I just have to ask...


I have had interviews and after 2 weeks of NOTHING, I drop a VM or a friendly email following up on status. Why is it so hard to reply to me:

"Dear Sir, we are sorry, we have decided to go with another candidate, thank you for applying with us and good luck."

or something similar? I have NEVER received an update so far. Please bare in mind, there are manager and up positions I am going for. So it is not assistant or coordinator stuff. I even interviewed for a VP position..and the HR person still hasn't replied to me. I emailed her 2xs and left 1 voicemail. I figured I no longer was being considered...but where is the professionalism? Just let me know!! I am a big boy I can take rejection...shit. I dont get it....most recently I applied to a manager position, and I had a feeling I was not what they wanted...I knew it. So I sent in my thank you cards, waiting for 1.5 weeks after...and emailed the HR person that set up the meeting...and now a week later. STILL NO REPLY or UPDATE. WTF?

I just think a simple courtesy reply...letting me off the hook is just professional. Am I over reacting to expect an update?

Sunday, March 2, 2008


yes...she is awesome...

I LOVE where I live....

Sunday, March 2, 2008. Day of the LA Marathon...and simply a gorgeous sunny, cool, Los Angeles day. I woke up a little later than usual..surfed the net, checked my email and decided to go to one of my favorite local spots. I jumped in the car and headed to KALDI's on El Centro in South Pasadena. Man I have always loved this place and today was no different. I wanted to grab a LA WEEKLY and an Iced White Mocha. Relaxed and read the alt weekly all the while truly enjoying this little coffee spot and all the cool people that walk around and drinking their drinks. I love people watching and this place has it all. I just had to type something up and share my little itty bitty piece of happiness. I think I am going to go back during the week with my laptop and do my routine there. Yeah...I may just do that!