Monday, February 11, 2008

Year of the Earth Rat 2008 - for me the OX!

2008 is Ox's lucky year. The Rat is more favorable to you than the Pig. You are almost the luckiest sign of the 12 Chinese zodiac. You'll make significant progress in career. Big amount of money could come into your way. And you will enjoy good health this year. Although your love life will have some small problems, but in general, it's all favorable.

Ox Career

There are two important lucky stars smiling upon the Ox in 2008. It's a uncommon sign, don't miss a single opportunity in the year of Rat. This could be the year when the promotion for which you have been looking is finally yours. A windfall could very well be yours. It may not be a jackpot, but unexpected money is coming your way. But, You'll also spend lots of money this year.

Ox Romance

Not as last year the Ox's is not so lucky in love in the year of Rat. The female Ox will be so luxurious that your partner could be very discontented with you. The male Ox will always be in a bad mood without any reason that your girlfriend think you are not satisfied with her. Your relationship will turn cold. And, there will be someone else who means to destroy your relationship. Remember to trust your lover when this is happening.

Ox Health

The Ox loves sports and healthy food, so you rarely get sick. In this favorable year, the Ox will even enjoy better health. Whereas, for young ox, don't spend too much time on exploring for fun. It's always good to be cautious before you have a trouble.

Suggestions for Ox

Remember the old Chinese saying: never forget the hard time while you are lucky.

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