Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day noodles

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So what did I do for Singles Awareness Day? I met up with Danny for a foot massage and some dinner. Yup...not bad huh? Two hetero guys meet up, go to a foot massage place in the middle of San Gabriel, get massaged for an hour and head over to our favorite noodle/dumpling spot. That's normal right? Heck today is just another day.

So for dinner we actually each had our own pan fried dumplings and we shared an onion pancake too. Notice there are no pictures of that. soon as the food came we ate it. I totally forgot to snap some pics of it. Crazy man. So I all have to show for my vday is this pic of the scrumpdillyluscious noodles and great feeling feet to show for my day. cute huh?

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