Friday, February 8, 2008

Makin it hard to be Chinese....

OK...being that today is CHINESE NEW YEAR...I had to post this. This video has been bugging and bugging me ever since I saw it maybe 3 weeks ago. In LA, we have a "cool" radio station that plays alt rock and other non poppy music called KROQ. In the AM they have 2 hosts that I used to listen to and they are pretty funny. KEVIN & BEAN are the guys. is a video that was shot with their Asian/Chinese Intern "SHAOLIN ROBOT" and they have her singing and they are making fun of the infamous CHOCOLATE RAIN video. I too sensitive in my old age? Can I just not take a joke? This video is HORRIBLE. Why would someone do that to themselves? I love a joke...I love making fun of myself too...hey its great. I love race humor too...but when you see literally HURTS my heart..I feel so ashamed for her. Does she not know the difference in a joke and when YOU ARE THE JOKE? For those that dont understand Cantonese, at the end of the song she sings in Chinese, COFFEE RAIN, I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. I just don't get it. It bugs me so much...being a Chinese American. But...maybe I am too sensitive...because job or no job, I would NEVER disrespect myself or my culture like that.

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