Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interview Madness

So today was quite a day....I had TWO interviews set up. Each interview was scheduled with two great companies and great jobs. Each with great possibilities for your boy. My first one was at 10AM in Burbank. This went pretty well and what I liked most was the vibe of the office. Very casual and creative and hip. I would love to go there everyday. The person I spoke with was a bit of a tough cookie. She was drop her guard down for a little bit then it went right back up. I also said somethings that might of been "wrong." Oh well...what can I do? The only thing that really scares me, is she said her and the other director had a very specific person in mind for the job. Meaning, they had an idea of the TYPE of person they wanted. I hope I am that person.

The second was at 3PM and it was across town, closer to home. This opp is very different. Very corporate and kinda boring to be honest. The trade off is stability and close to home. Also the company has excellent benefits and people never quit or leave it. Once you get pretty much stay in. So that is pretty enticing. The job itself seems easy and not very challenging but the trade off is worth it so far.

Now it is just waiting. Waiting and waiting...the worst part. My next big interview is skeded for Feb 29. More when that happens!

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