Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gaz in LA

Had a friend in from out of town today. What fun man...nothing like good people to make you happy. Gary aka Gaz came in from Hong Kong on his way to NYC and then to Boston for work. He only had 24 hours in LA so I tried my best to squeeze in as much fun as we could. I met Gaz when I was in HK with my big bros Anthony and Darryl. Panerai guys to the end.

So I picked up Gaz in the afternoon and we headed to Beverly Hills. We needed some lunch so we went to THE FARM. The usual Paneristi GTG joint. Had a great lunch and then walked over to the boutique. Gaz bought 2 very nice straps and He got to meet Chad and we chit chatted and Chad was kind enough to give us the movement DVD and brochure you see here.

After walking around Beverly Hills, we stopped in Omega, we stopped in Brequet and then we jumped on the freeway to meet Davie in Brea. We had dinner at Taps and then headed over to Red Cloud Cigars for some cigars and more drinks. I of course was the driver and just hung out. After cigars we drove to IN & OUT because Gaz being from HK/Australia has never had a double double. FUNNY! So we made a run and got him some t shirts to bring back. Very cool night with lots of stuff done. We drove back and I bet Gary is knocked out! What a day and much fun. Next stop..HONG KONG baby!

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