Monday, February 18, 2008

Asian Super Market Trip

Nothing beats a trip to the local giant Asian Supermarket. Today, I ventured with mom to 168 Market on Valley and New in SGV. That place is huge and surprisingly clean. Pretty fun and I got to pick up some essential favorites. Like these below....

Calpico Mango is the nectar of the gods. SOOOOO yummy. I kinda gave up soda and I need other drinks to keep me busy...and my good pal June turned me on to this stuff. OH MAN...I am now addicted. 2 bottles should be ok for now. Pocky...another standard every time you go Asian shopping. Milk Pocky is my favorite bar none. I just love it...those 2 boxes should be gone by tomorrow.
A childhood favorite. When my mom used to go to the market and I was a kid, I would love this drink. Malted soy drink. I only like this specific brand...the rest I have tried don't even come close.
Saw this in the frozen section and wanted to try it...I love me some beef stew noodles so how bad can these be? I guess I will find out soon enough...I hope its good.
No need for any of my Filipino friends to invite me over to a family party now! I got my own Shanghai lumpia! YAY!
White Rabbit candy...what else can I say? This is my favorite Chinese candy in the world. Just the best. Also a childhood favorite. Love these things!

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