Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to make chicken adobo

Another example of how white people can just kill a whole culture! Sad and funny at the same time!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I have to admit is pretty well written blog...

but I had to post about #11...

Asian Girls

100% true.....when will the "sisters" come back home and date Asian guys! It takes all my power to NOT reply with my personal rant and reasons behind this phenomenon. I pull out my hair if I had to write it all down. GRRRRRRRR!!!

Beef Short Rib Stew

Beef Short Rib Stew
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Bruddah's in Gardena has THEEEEE BEST Hawaiian style stew in the world, mainland or on the island. This with some Ice Tea and maybe a Spam Musubi and you are set!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

XX3 Jordan Stealths = Happy Day!

Yup...I got them! 2 to wear and one to save. These shoes are so gorgeous. What a perfect ending to the perfect line of shoes ever. These are so amazing in person, it is hard to see all the details in pictures. These released today and I was up nice and early and got my pairs. I am about to go take a nap now since I am tired but had to post up before I fall asleep!
Another shot of the shoes...notice the sole. It is a stylized version of MJ's own thumb print. Very cool I must say! Love these shoes.

Gaz in LA

Had a friend in from out of town today. What fun man...nothing like good people to make you happy. Gary aka Gaz came in from Hong Kong on his way to NYC and then to Boston for work. He only had 24 hours in LA so I tried my best to squeeze in as much fun as we could. I met Gaz when I was in HK with my big bros Anthony and Darryl. Panerai guys to the end.

So I picked up Gaz in the afternoon and we headed to Beverly Hills. We needed some lunch so we went to THE FARM. The usual Paneristi GTG joint. Had a great lunch and then walked over to the boutique. Gaz bought 2 very nice straps and He got to meet Chad and we chit chatted and Chad was kind enough to give us the movement DVD and brochure you see here.

After walking around Beverly Hills, we stopped in Omega, we stopped in Brequet and then we jumped on the freeway to meet Davie in Brea. We had dinner at Taps and then headed over to Red Cloud Cigars for some cigars and more drinks. I of course was the driver and just hung out. After cigars we drove to IN & OUT because Gaz being from HK/Australia has never had a double double. FUNNY! So we made a run and got him some t shirts to bring back. Very cool night with lots of stuff done. We drove back and I bet Gary is knocked out! What a day and much fun. Next stop..HONG KONG baby!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ramiel!!! Pinay Power on American Idol

I like this girl...not only can she sing like Christina she is Pinay. Let's hope she makes it farther than Jasmine did. Plus I like her the crazy bangs. I like her style..but my friends all agree her hair cut only looks good on YOUNG chicks. You cannot be in your 30s and rock hair like that. That haircut has a definite age limit. IMO 25 max...25 and can kill it with that haircut! Anyways...have to support ol girl...hope she goes all the way!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Asian Super Market Trip

Nothing beats a trip to the local giant Asian Supermarket. Today, I ventured with mom to 168 Market on Valley and New in SGV. That place is huge and surprisingly clean. Pretty fun and I got to pick up some essential favorites. Like these below....

Calpico Mango is the nectar of the gods. SOOOOO yummy. I kinda gave up soda and I need other drinks to keep me busy...and my good pal June turned me on to this stuff. OH MAN...I am now addicted. 2 bottles should be ok for now. Pocky...another standard every time you go Asian shopping. Milk Pocky is my favorite bar none. I just love it...those 2 boxes should be gone by tomorrow.
A childhood favorite. When my mom used to go to the market and I was a kid, I would love this drink. Malted soy drink. I only like this specific brand...the rest I have tried don't even come close.
Saw this in the frozen section and wanted to try it...I love me some beef stew noodles so how bad can these be? I guess I will find out soon enough...I hope its good.
No need for any of my Filipino friends to invite me over to a family party now! I got my own Shanghai lumpia! YAY!
White Rabbit candy...what else can I say? This is my favorite Chinese candy in the world. Just the best. Also a childhood favorite. Love these things!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hammer GTG Dos

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So the Paneristi's headed to LA JOLLA, CA for some watch talk, saying hello to new and old friend and hang a little with Hammer before we heads back home to Aus at the end of March.

We met at the La Valencia hotel in downtown La Jolla and walked across to the Panerai AD for a quick tour. Then we all had buffet dinner style dinner at the hotel Verandah room. Very nice GTG as usual.

Me and Hammer!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jordan XX3 failure....=(

I guess no shoes for me...I tried. I went to my mall source and locked a pair in. or so I thought. Got there this morning and NADA. I guess it was not my day to get them. It's ok I guess. I really want the STEALTHS that come out next Sat. I should be able to get a pair of those.

I found an online source that supposedly had some. So I ordered and received a confirmation email and I used PayPal so we shall see if the shoes come in or not.

tough luck man....

sucks! grrr!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day noodles

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So what did I do for Singles Awareness Day? I met up with Danny for a foot massage and some dinner. Yup...not bad huh? Two hetero guys meet up, go to a foot massage place in the middle of San Gabriel, get massaged for an hour and head over to our favorite noodle/dumpling spot. That's normal right? Heck today is just another day.

So for dinner we actually each had our own pan fried dumplings and we shared an onion pancake too. Notice there are no pictures of that. soon as the food came we ate it. I totally forgot to snap some pics of it. Crazy man. So I all have to show for my vday is this pic of the scrumpdillyluscious noodles and great feeling feet to show for my day. cute huh?

Interview Madness

So today was quite a day....I had TWO interviews set up. Each interview was scheduled with two great companies and great jobs. Each with great possibilities for your boy. My first one was at 10AM in Burbank. This went pretty well and what I liked most was the vibe of the office. Very casual and creative and hip. I would love to go there everyday. The person I spoke with was a bit of a tough cookie. She was drop her guard down for a little bit then it went right back up. I also said somethings that might of been "wrong." Oh well...what can I do? The only thing that really scares me, is she said her and the other director had a very specific person in mind for the job. Meaning, they had an idea of the TYPE of person they wanted. I hope I am that person.

The second was at 3PM and it was across town, closer to home. This opp is very different. Very corporate and kinda boring to be honest. The trade off is stability and close to home. Also the company has excellent benefits and people never quit or leave it. Once you get pretty much stay in. So that is pretty enticing. The job itself seems easy and not very challenging but the trade off is worth it so far.

Now it is just waiting. Waiting and waiting...the worst part. My next big interview is skeded for Feb 29. More when that happens!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Year of the Earth Rat 2008 - for me the OX!

2008 is Ox's lucky year. The Rat is more favorable to you than the Pig. You are almost the luckiest sign of the 12 Chinese zodiac. You'll make significant progress in career. Big amount of money could come into your way. And you will enjoy good health this year. Although your love life will have some small problems, but in general, it's all favorable.

Ox Career

There are two important lucky stars smiling upon the Ox in 2008. It's a uncommon sign, don't miss a single opportunity in the year of Rat. This could be the year when the promotion for which you have been looking is finally yours. A windfall could very well be yours. It may not be a jackpot, but unexpected money is coming your way. But, You'll also spend lots of money this year.

Ox Romance

Not as last year the Ox's is not so lucky in love in the year of Rat. The female Ox will be so luxurious that your partner could be very discontented with you. The male Ox will always be in a bad mood without any reason that your girlfriend think you are not satisfied with her. Your relationship will turn cold. And, there will be someone else who means to destroy your relationship. Remember to trust your lover when this is happening.

Ox Health

The Ox loves sports and healthy food, so you rarely get sick. In this favorable year, the Ox will even enjoy better health. Whereas, for young ox, don't spend too much time on exploring for fun. It's always good to be cautious before you have a trouble.

Suggestions for Ox

Remember the old Chinese saying: never forget the hard time while you are lucky.

RX7 Suspension

Box of EIBACH PRO KIT springs....
TOKICO BLUES - full set, shocks and struts

Viola! Had my suspension installed today on the 7. We ended up cutting one ring on each spring and it REALLY lowered the car. I cannot wait until I get rims. The car will look great! One step closer to the perfect RX7....or at least my vision of one!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinatown 2008 CNY Car Show

These were parked on the street....VIP MOTORCARS. Talk about sik tucking and stretching. These things were SLAMMED and looked mean!
Photo of some of the "talent" available today...
Gotta respect this...just insane!
One of the cleanest SCs out there. look at the tuck...and the stretch!
Classic old school! Look at the 15" polished Enkei rims. Totally vintage classic!

BBQ King

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So I went to BBQ KING today for lunch. Not bad at all. Pretty much true REAL BBQ. They had maybe 4-5 bbqs smoking outside and its a no frills place. I had this..the beef tri tip sandwich with mac and cheese. Pretty dang good. If you are ever in the area of Figureroa and Sunset give it a try.


I went to screen a film tonight at the PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL called THIS IS THE LIFE. It is a doc, starring and directed by Ava DuVernay. Ava was my boss for a little over 5 years. During that time, we became the best of friends, confidants and she was so much more to me than a mentor. She basically, gave me my career. She taught me everything I know today about what I do and how to do it correctly. I stopped working with Ava in 2003. THIS IS THE LIFE is Ava's first full length documentary of the LA underground hip hop and rap scene at the Good Life, a little health food store on Crenshaw in LA's most notorious neighborhood. Ava was an original rapper there back in the early 90s and this doc shows the history and impact that spot had on rap culture. It was very very well done, and I am not saying it just to say it because I have a relationship with the filmmaker. The doc is very very good. It engages you and let's you meet some great characters that you care about. I am very proud of Ava and Ellene that helped produce the film. Hopefully this will be the first of many films for Ava.

If any of you reading this can catch this at a festival near you...please check it out. THIS IS THE LIFE is worth your time and support!

M&Ms Smothered Chicken Dinner

M&Ms Smothered Chicken Dinner
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Yummy! A heart attack waiting to happen for sure but what a way to go. Went to M&Ms on Crenshaw tonight. I attended the PAFF - Pan African Film Festival to screen my old boss and friend's doc THIS IS THE LIFE about the LA underground Hip Hop, Rap movement at a little health food store called The Good Life in the early 90s.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Heart Her.....

Christine Mendoza FTMFW!!!

Makin it hard to be Chinese....

OK...being that today is CHINESE NEW YEAR...I had to post this. This video has been bugging and bugging me ever since I saw it maybe 3 weeks ago. In LA, we have a "cool" radio station that plays alt rock and other non poppy music called KROQ. In the AM they have 2 hosts that I used to listen to and they are pretty funny. KEVIN & BEAN are the guys. is a video that was shot with their Asian/Chinese Intern "SHAOLIN ROBOT" and they have her singing and they are making fun of the infamous CHOCOLATE RAIN video. I too sensitive in my old age? Can I just not take a joke? This video is HORRIBLE. Why would someone do that to themselves? I love a joke...I love making fun of myself too...hey its great. I love race humor too...but when you see literally HURTS my heart..I feel so ashamed for her. Does she not know the difference in a joke and when YOU ARE THE JOKE? For those that dont understand Cantonese, at the end of the song she sings in Chinese, COFFEE RAIN, I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. I just don't get it. It bugs me so much...being a Chinese American. But...maybe I am too sensitive...because job or no job, I would NEVER disrespect myself or my culture like that.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Irwindale Event

So I went this afternoon to the Irwindale speedway to a private car GTG put together by John J of Heavy Hitters magazine. I got there when it was pretty much over. But I was able to catch a couple of pics of a couple nice cars. Like this silver CGT above. Gorgeous car...
This General Lee replica was BAD ASS! Just look at it....picture speaks for itself.
this is my boy's lexus. The wheels are 24" I think..and it is slammed. SICK looking...
And this yellow Daytona is slammed and has a custom wide body kit. You cannot even tell it has it...until you see the size of the rubber tucked in there. It is just crazy looking up close. If it was just driving down the street you would never even know it was any different than any other Dodge on the street. Pretty crazy.