Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Dumplings!

yeah its not a "traditional" xmas eve meal but tonight I treated myself to one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world. Beef Stew Noodles and Pan Fried Dumplings from Mandarin Noodle House. I figure I was going to stay in, light the fireplace might as well have a dinner I will enjoy right? So yeah tomorrow, mom is coming over to make rib roast so that should be good.

Let's see what else did I do today...oh upon waking up I met my friend for lunch at Senior Fish in South Pasadena. I think it got me sick..I had a major bad headache afterwards. My head was pounding.

Oh yeah I dreamed this morning that I got a call for a second interview to a really great job that I really want. It has to be a good sign...at least I hope so! Fingers still crossed on that.

I also ripped and listened to alot of music today. With all the mix cd's I received I have to give everything a good listen. So far I have some favorite new artists already...I have never heard of BLAQK AUDIO and CIRC. Pretty cool stuff....so I downloaded their music to enjoy. I also have the Sean Kingston CD too. Not bad.

I want to go see the GREAT DEBATERS tomorrow...but I have to find someone to go with. I may have to go solo. Who knows...maybe I will post a CRAIG'S LIST ad? You think that will work? Yeah I will try it! I will post up and see how it goes.

ok I guess that is it for now...or at least what I can think of. If there is more I will post more...

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