Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Day

So..the day started nice and late. Woke up around 11AM. Not bad for being up until 230 the night before. I actually was active today. Took the bike out to the Rosebowl and rode around the area. About 3 miles. Pretty good for a fatty like me. It was cool out very crispy and there were some people out there actually running and walking their doggies etc. I guess we are very lucky to live in So Cal to have this weather and being able to do that...go out side and ride a bike or jog.

Mom came over and made dinner. A nice bone in rib roast. Pretty darn good with rice, bok choy and some potato chicken wings. We ate and watched TVB as my mom doesn't have that at her house so she gets to watch her Chinese programs here. Rest of the night was spent relaxing in front of the fire place. I lit it up and it helped keep the house nice and warm.

So tomorrow...I plan on going to the gym...and making a run to AAA. I need to renew my membership...and hopefully pick up my plates. Let's see if that works.

Oh yeah I also placed a CL ad to see if anyone wanted to go see The Great Debaters with expected no takers. I still want to see the movie. Just have to find someone to go with. Ok thats it for now....

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