Friday, December 28, 2007

Walking Downtown LA

So today I met my friend Matt in downtown LA for lunch and some walking around. He had to take his car in for service and had a few hours to kill so I went down to pick him up and have lunch. We met in J town and drove down to the arts district to look at lofts and some art. We had lunch at the Metropol Cafe. Very very cool spot located in a warehouse spot where the famouse R23 Sushi restaurant it.

So I had the Turkey and Cheese panini and it was good.

So we walk around downtown and looked at some of the architecture and the lofts and the graff on the walls. A nice walking tour down there is totally worth it if you have never done it before. TOTALLY COOL!

This is the TOY WAREHOUSE lofts...and man what a cool building. Mucho Dinero to live there...but what an awesome space ya know? I would love to live here.

And below are some examples of the great graff that can be seen in LA. The talent of these artists is something to really admire. How do you do that with a spray can?

Then this evening my sister and I went to have dinner with our good friend Davie to exchange gifts and to drop off something to his kids. We met in Diamond Bar for Korean BBQ. Good food but of course you ALWAYS come out smelling something awful!

After words I met my pals in LA for a little mini "mazda rotary" meet in a parking lot. It was cool...we had coffee and chit chatted until almost midnight. Fun fun fun...but it was COLD out there. The one good thing is the cool night air makes the cars run great. Especially if you have a turbo charged car. So the drive home, the car sounds and feels really healthy. Def good stuff.

Thats it...tomorrow is Friday...yay a weekend! But all days seem to merge when you are home all the time. Oh yeah...tonight I chatted on the phone with "W" for maybe 45 mins! It was a pretty long convo...and a good one too. We are planning on having dinner this hey keep those fingers crossed maybe things are looking up for a brother! More on that as it develops!

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