Sunday, December 30, 2007

mmmm Bruddah's

Yes...this afternoon I drove over to my friend Rob's home and was pleasantly surprised to see our old friend Barry down from Santa Barbara. He just recently got a new job and has moved to SB to work for the county up there. So big congrats to him. We met up so we could drive down to Gardena for some BRUDDAH'S! I love that place...period. So I ordered my usual...SHORT RIB STEW. SOOOOO GOOD. Afterwards we wanted to drive to Marukai when I saw the HIC symbol at a store with a pop up tent outside. They were having a huge sale...50% off of HIC hoodies and shirts. Well...I picked up a new hoodie..and 3 new HIC shirts! All half off baby! We then went to Marukai and I picked up a case of Hawaiian Sun Drinks. Love those drinks...but they are pricey...more expensive than beer at $3 a 6 pack. After that we drove back home, played with Rob's kids Danni and Marcus and I left around 230. I then met "W" for dinner in Alhambra. We had dinner and chatted and that was that...I got home and watched Knocked was kind of a let down. Not as funny as I expected it to be. I was really looking for some more laughs...

anyways...more on "W" we got along just fine but I think the lack of spark was evident and pretty mutual. I doubt we will be going out again. About the only thing we kept talking about was about Photography...not much else. But hey that is dating right? Just go out meet new people and go from there. Oh least you can say I tried right?

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