Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I figured today is as good as any to begin a blog. It is about 12:10AM on Christmas eve here in sunny and cool LA. I spent today relaxing and basically did nothing. Which sadly seems to be the same thing I do all days now that I have so much "free" time. bitching and moaning about that. This is supposed to begin my journey to explore my thoughts and feelings and best of all share them with the world...or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Let's start with xmas...

This weekend was great. I had 2 nice GTGs with two separate set of friends and got some really cool gifts. Let's start with Friday.

FRIDAY - T shirts!
So my friends and I decided that we would have a them and give each other t shirts as well as make a mix CD of music to share. We first met and had dinner at Rotisserie Chicken of California in Pasadena, Japanese owned and really good! Simple enough premise, he cooks these perfect chicken and then adds his "signature" sauces on them....pretty delish. They also have croquette and fried tofu yeah a nice find and kinda under the radar for sure!

The sign...

here is a pic of my food!

we exchanged shirts...and here is what I got!

as you can The Karate Kid was a theme...and one of my fave 80s movies.


In the daytime I met my friend Pat for lunch so I could pick up a toy for another present. We ate at the UCC Coffee Restaurant in Walnut. After lunch we went over to the FRANK & SON collectible swapmeet. Very cool. You can spend a lot of money in that place if you are not careful on stupid things like TOYS! Yeah...have to go back again for sure.

Moving on to Sat night...I drove out to my other friend's home for a nice sit down dinner party and gift exchange that also included mix CDs

here is a shot of the GORGEOUS table setting!

shot of my plate...

and dessert was....WOW....homemade Fruit Tart Pie

yes it was good....

so we exchanged gifts and wished each other happy holidays. We also celebrated the host's belated birthday by giving her everything she asked for on her wish list. A very great night for sure.

Oh yeah...Mom came over tonight to prepare a rib roast for Xmas day dinner. She brought it over and it is marinating in the fridge waiting to be cooked on Tuesday, Xmas day. I have an open day again tomorrow, Xmas Eve. Most people will be at home sitting by the tree waiting for Santa...I will probably be home chilling. Xmas was and is never a high priority in my life. I guess it kind of was when I was in a relationship and had a girlfriend that had family stuff that I had to go to. But being single...I only have myself to worry about and it is much easier that way.

Well is now almost 1AM. I guess this is enough for my first post.....

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fortunate_son said...

congrats on your new blog Irving! I just recently started one too! I'm going to start a personal one later : )



P.S. the food looks yummy