Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

So now that xmas is officially over it is time to move on to new years! Yay! 2008! What will it bring? Hopefully something great for everyone! Like a job for yours truly. Had a good start today, I received a reply to a resume I sent on hotjobs. It is for a PR manager at a company called The HR person was very nice and reached out to me for a formatted version of my resume. So once I sent that over, she replied back that it would go to the hiring manager for review. So we shall see....not bad...some interest is better than nothing right? So let's see if I get a call back.

After last night's dinner I had some left over meat from the rib roast so I did what millions of Chinese do with left overs...I made FRIED RICE! So here it is....left over rib roast, bacon, eggs and same day rice:
here it is in the wok thing that sucks about home stoves is you never get the HEAT like in a restaurant. When I get my own place that is permanent I will get an industrial stove with a grill like they have on food channel. I need and want the super high heat for browning and stuff like that.

I used paper plates because I was lazy and didn't want to do the dishes. But as you notice I like REAL forks...I like the metal fork and knife over plastic. So I can bring home take out food but I always use a metal utensil to eat it with. I know weird...
and here is a macro can see the lovely bacon bits and the pieces of roast...egg and rice. I think I did a slammo job if I do say so myself.

The last thing I wanted to share is the power of MIX CDS! I love em...and I always suggest them for gift exchanges. This year I had two sets of friends do it...and every time I always come away with something new. Music I would of never heart of or never would of listen to otherwise. If you have a eclectic group of friends, I suggest doing it. The more diverse your group the better. My newest loves:

MAMA I'M A BIG GIRL NOW - from HAIRSPRAY! What a fun and lame and kinda ghey song. but it is so enjoyable to listen to. I love it!

PINK MARTINI - never heard of this group before...but I love them! I heard the song LILLY and I had to seek them out and DL 3 of their albums.

CIRC and BLAQK AUDIO - never heard of these groups...again had to DL them and enjoy!

and some other singles from Chris Brown and Erasure I never knew.

So yeah my music universe just expanded threefold...from my friends cds. Again...I recco it if you want to hear new stuff or find out what your friends are listening to, it may surprise you!

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