Sunday, December 30, 2007

mmmm Bruddah's

Yes...this afternoon I drove over to my friend Rob's home and was pleasantly surprised to see our old friend Barry down from Santa Barbara. He just recently got a new job and has moved to SB to work for the county up there. So big congrats to him. We met up so we could drive down to Gardena for some BRUDDAH'S! I love that place...period. So I ordered my usual...SHORT RIB STEW. SOOOOO GOOD. Afterwards we wanted to drive to Marukai when I saw the HIC symbol at a store with a pop up tent outside. They were having a huge sale...50% off of HIC hoodies and shirts. Well...I picked up a new hoodie..and 3 new HIC shirts! All half off baby! We then went to Marukai and I picked up a case of Hawaiian Sun Drinks. Love those drinks...but they are pricey...more expensive than beer at $3 a 6 pack. After that we drove back home, played with Rob's kids Danni and Marcus and I left around 230. I then met "W" for dinner in Alhambra. We had dinner and chatted and that was that...I got home and watched Knocked was kind of a let down. Not as funny as I expected it to be. I was really looking for some more laughs...

anyways...more on "W" we got along just fine but I think the lack of spark was evident and pretty mutual. I doubt we will be going out again. About the only thing we kept talking about was about Photography...not much else. But hey that is dating right? Just go out meet new people and go from there. Oh least you can say I tried right?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Denzel and Forest

I went to see THE GREAT DEBATERS this afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. It was totally predictable and you knew what was going to happen but it was still enjoyable nonetheless. I really love Denzel as her directs this movie..his 2nd directorial film and Forest Whitaker is always strong as well. The 3 youngins cast as the debate team also did a great job.

So yeah I recco this move for sure...

Other than that...I stayed home this evening and watched THE DOG WHISPERER....gosh I love that show too!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Walking Downtown LA

So today I met my friend Matt in downtown LA for lunch and some walking around. He had to take his car in for service and had a few hours to kill so I went down to pick him up and have lunch. We met in J town and drove down to the arts district to look at lofts and some art. We had lunch at the Metropol Cafe. Very very cool spot located in a warehouse spot where the famouse R23 Sushi restaurant it.

So I had the Turkey and Cheese panini and it was good.

So we walk around downtown and looked at some of the architecture and the lofts and the graff on the walls. A nice walking tour down there is totally worth it if you have never done it before. TOTALLY COOL!

This is the TOY WAREHOUSE lofts...and man what a cool building. Mucho Dinero to live there...but what an awesome space ya know? I would love to live here.

And below are some examples of the great graff that can be seen in LA. The talent of these artists is something to really admire. How do you do that with a spray can?

Then this evening my sister and I went to have dinner with our good friend Davie to exchange gifts and to drop off something to his kids. We met in Diamond Bar for Korean BBQ. Good food but of course you ALWAYS come out smelling something awful!

After words I met my pals in LA for a little mini "mazda rotary" meet in a parking lot. It was cool...we had coffee and chit chatted until almost midnight. Fun fun fun...but it was COLD out there. The one good thing is the cool night air makes the cars run great. Especially if you have a turbo charged car. So the drive home, the car sounds and feels really healthy. Def good stuff.

Thats it...tomorrow is Friday...yay a weekend! But all days seem to merge when you are home all the time. Oh yeah...tonight I chatted on the phone with "W" for maybe 45 mins! It was a pretty long convo...and a good one too. We are planning on having dinner this hey keep those fingers crossed maybe things are looking up for a brother! More on that as it develops!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

So now that xmas is officially over it is time to move on to new years! Yay! 2008! What will it bring? Hopefully something great for everyone! Like a job for yours truly. Had a good start today, I received a reply to a resume I sent on hotjobs. It is for a PR manager at a company called The HR person was very nice and reached out to me for a formatted version of my resume. So once I sent that over, she replied back that it would go to the hiring manager for review. So we shall see....not bad...some interest is better than nothing right? So let's see if I get a call back.

After last night's dinner I had some left over meat from the rib roast so I did what millions of Chinese do with left overs...I made FRIED RICE! So here it is....left over rib roast, bacon, eggs and same day rice:
here it is in the wok thing that sucks about home stoves is you never get the HEAT like in a restaurant. When I get my own place that is permanent I will get an industrial stove with a grill like they have on food channel. I need and want the super high heat for browning and stuff like that.

I used paper plates because I was lazy and didn't want to do the dishes. But as you notice I like REAL forks...I like the metal fork and knife over plastic. So I can bring home take out food but I always use a metal utensil to eat it with. I know weird...
and here is a macro can see the lovely bacon bits and the pieces of roast...egg and rice. I think I did a slammo job if I do say so myself.

The last thing I wanted to share is the power of MIX CDS! I love em...and I always suggest them for gift exchanges. This year I had two sets of friends do it...and every time I always come away with something new. Music I would of never heart of or never would of listen to otherwise. If you have a eclectic group of friends, I suggest doing it. The more diverse your group the better. My newest loves:

MAMA I'M A BIG GIRL NOW - from HAIRSPRAY! What a fun and lame and kinda ghey song. but it is so enjoyable to listen to. I love it!

PINK MARTINI - never heard of this group before...but I love them! I heard the song LILLY and I had to seek them out and DL 3 of their albums.

CIRC and BLAQK AUDIO - never heard of these groups...again had to DL them and enjoy!

and some other singles from Chris Brown and Erasure I never knew.

So yeah my music universe just expanded threefold...from my friends cds. Again...I recco it if you want to hear new stuff or find out what your friends are listening to, it may surprise you!

Xmas Day

So..the day started nice and late. Woke up around 11AM. Not bad for being up until 230 the night before. I actually was active today. Took the bike out to the Rosebowl and rode around the area. About 3 miles. Pretty good for a fatty like me. It was cool out very crispy and there were some people out there actually running and walking their doggies etc. I guess we are very lucky to live in So Cal to have this weather and being able to do that...go out side and ride a bike or jog.

Mom came over and made dinner. A nice bone in rib roast. Pretty darn good with rice, bok choy and some potato chicken wings. We ate and watched TVB as my mom doesn't have that at her house so she gets to watch her Chinese programs here. Rest of the night was spent relaxing in front of the fire place. I lit it up and it helped keep the house nice and warm.

So tomorrow...I plan on going to the gym...and making a run to AAA. I need to renew my membership...and hopefully pick up my plates. Let's see if that works.

Oh yeah I also placed a CL ad to see if anyone wanted to go see The Great Debaters with expected no takers. I still want to see the movie. Just have to find someone to go with. Ok thats it for now....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Dumplings!

yeah its not a "traditional" xmas eve meal but tonight I treated myself to one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world. Beef Stew Noodles and Pan Fried Dumplings from Mandarin Noodle House. I figure I was going to stay in, light the fireplace might as well have a dinner I will enjoy right? So yeah tomorrow, mom is coming over to make rib roast so that should be good.

Let's see what else did I do today...oh upon waking up I met my friend for lunch at Senior Fish in South Pasadena. I think it got me sick..I had a major bad headache afterwards. My head was pounding.

Oh yeah I dreamed this morning that I got a call for a second interview to a really great job that I really want. It has to be a good least I hope so! Fingers still crossed on that.

I also ripped and listened to alot of music today. With all the mix cd's I received I have to give everything a good listen. So far I have some favorite new artists already...I have never heard of BLAQK AUDIO and CIRC. Pretty cool I downloaded their music to enjoy. I also have the Sean Kingston CD too. Not bad.

I want to go see the GREAT DEBATERS tomorrow...but I have to find someone to go with. I may have to go solo. Who knows...maybe I will post a CRAIG'S LIST ad? You think that will work? Yeah I will try it! I will post up and see how it goes.

ok I guess that is it for now...or at least what I can think of. If there is more I will post more...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I figured today is as good as any to begin a blog. It is about 12:10AM on Christmas eve here in sunny and cool LA. I spent today relaxing and basically did nothing. Which sadly seems to be the same thing I do all days now that I have so much "free" time. bitching and moaning about that. This is supposed to begin my journey to explore my thoughts and feelings and best of all share them with the world...or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Let's start with xmas...

This weekend was great. I had 2 nice GTGs with two separate set of friends and got some really cool gifts. Let's start with Friday.

FRIDAY - T shirts!
So my friends and I decided that we would have a them and give each other t shirts as well as make a mix CD of music to share. We first met and had dinner at Rotisserie Chicken of California in Pasadena, Japanese owned and really good! Simple enough premise, he cooks these perfect chicken and then adds his "signature" sauces on them....pretty delish. They also have croquette and fried tofu yeah a nice find and kinda under the radar for sure!

The sign...

here is a pic of my food!

we exchanged shirts...and here is what I got!

as you can The Karate Kid was a theme...and one of my fave 80s movies.


In the daytime I met my friend Pat for lunch so I could pick up a toy for another present. We ate at the UCC Coffee Restaurant in Walnut. After lunch we went over to the FRANK & SON collectible swapmeet. Very cool. You can spend a lot of money in that place if you are not careful on stupid things like TOYS! Yeah...have to go back again for sure.

Moving on to Sat night...I drove out to my other friend's home for a nice sit down dinner party and gift exchange that also included mix CDs

here is a shot of the GORGEOUS table setting!

shot of my plate...

and dessert was....WOW....homemade Fruit Tart Pie

yes it was good....

so we exchanged gifts and wished each other happy holidays. We also celebrated the host's belated birthday by giving her everything she asked for on her wish list. A very great night for sure.

Oh yeah...Mom came over tonight to prepare a rib roast for Xmas day dinner. She brought it over and it is marinating in the fridge waiting to be cooked on Tuesday, Xmas day. I have an open day again tomorrow, Xmas Eve. Most people will be at home sitting by the tree waiting for Santa...I will probably be home chilling. Xmas was and is never a high priority in my life. I guess it kind of was when I was in a relationship and had a girlfriend that had family stuff that I had to go to. But being single...I only have myself to worry about and it is much easier that way.

Well is now almost 1AM. I guess this is enough for my first post.....