Saturday, May 23, 2015

05232015 Saturday MASH

This one was tough as usual..but what I enjoyed the most was the intelligence of the WOD.  All 3 parts taxed different parts of your body and mind...pretty cool and pretty smart.

Here is the real deal

Here is what I personally did:

AMRAP for 9 Minutes
15 x Wall Balls @ 20lbs
5 x Power Cleans @ 135lbs
3 x OHS @ 135lbs

I did this pretty much Rx...except I fully admit my OHS was def not to was major bro reppy. But I was able to get through 2 + 20 reps.

9 min rest

AMRAP for 9 minutes
100 x singles
15 cal Row

I finished 4.

9 min rest

AMRAP for 9 minutes
200m Run
5 x Dead @ 225lbs
3 x Strict Pull Up + Banded ring dips

I finished 3.

Man oh man...this one hurt but I liked how smart it was...

Rest tomorrow..and it is MURPH TIME!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

05202015 Wednesday WOD


3 x
100m run
10 x jumping jacks
10 x walking lunges w 25# over head
10 x push ups


Strength Work - Bench Press
Using 315lb as max
1 x 10 - Empty Bar
1 x 5 @ 65% - 206lbs
1 x 5 @ 75% - 237lbs
Max reps @ 85% - 26lbs - I got 8 reps

800m Run
35 x Thrusters @ 45lbs
50 x Pull Ups
35 x Thrusters @ 45lbs
800m run

Ugh...I finished in 25:59

the running was the end of me...I basically walked the first of the last 400m.  Horrible.

Monday, May 18, 2015

05182015 Monday WOD

Check the ego, lower the weight and get it done...sigh.

400m Run
3 x 10
Jumping Jacks


Back Squat
5 x 5 @ 245lbs

A Crossfit Benchmark Workout

Cleans @ 135lbs
Ring Dips

* I scaled to 95lbs and used a thin black band for the ring dips

DONE - 12:53

Sigh...I wanted to just do the movement semi correctly...I probably could of done it at 75lbs...and did lower squats.  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

05172015 Sunday Skwaat Day

You cannot be afraid to try right?  If you dont try you will never know...
I tried today to get a new PR on my Overhead did not turn out great. I thought it was going to be awesome...but it wasn't.

Stretch and warm up
Empty Bar twists and good mornings
Empty Bar x 10 (2)
95lbs x 10
115 x 10
135lbs x 5
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 5
275lbs x 3
315lbs x 2
315lbs x .5  - did not hit depth when I tried again...ugh.

Empty Bar x 5
55lbs x 5
75lbs x 5
95lbs x 3
135lbs x 3
155lbs x 3
185lbs x 2
190lbs  - NO REP
*I really truly felt I hit depth..but I had video and I was an inch away from breaking parallel...really really disappointing and frustrating....ugh.  Oh well...


Saturday, May 16, 2015

05162015 Saturday WOD

Instead of the usual MASH...we decided to do something different.

Happy Saturday!

2015 CrossFit Regionals Event 3

For Time
1 Mile Run
50 x Overhead squats @ 155lbs
50 x GHD Sit ups
150 x Double Unders
50 x Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
100 x Box Jump Overs

Of course I did NOT do that as is what I personally did:

I did 15 x at Rx was too heavy. I lowered the weight to 115lbs.
35 x OHS @ 115lbs

I did 50 x Russian Twists w a 15lb plate

I did 300 x Single unders for jump rope

50 x SDHP at the lower weight of 115lbs

only the box jumpovers were Rx...

I finished in 54:53.

My run was better, I did it in 13:10 which is somewhat of an mile I think is in the 14 min range!  I know shocking and sad right?

That was my Saturday!!  How was yours?

05162015 Fail Fridays

UGH!! So horrible...not a good workout for me. TERRIBLE.
I did badly... not good at all.

400m Run
3 x 100m Run
10 x jumping jacks
10 x push ups
10 x lunges

Max Dead - 405lbs
I probably could of went to my PR of 425lbs but there was not enough time and not enough plates to go around.  So I settled for 405lbs which was the most of the class. This one the one and only light in my workout. The was a bad day.

3 Rounds For Time
10 x Squat Cleans @ 155lbs
20 x Box Jumps @ 24"
30 x Sit ups
15 min time cap

Ok...what do you see?  This was the worst for me...Squat Cleans...I cant do them....and Sit ups...I always cramp I do my best.

I went L3 at 115lbs...I barely did it. I pretty much POWER CLEANED the whole workout. I bro repped and half squatted my fat ass through that painful workout.

So the timeless question comes up...should I of:
A - lowered the weight so I could actually do a Squat Clean probably 95lbs
B - kept the L3 or even Rx and "modified" to a Power Clean?  Now Power Clean is actually more difficult than normal clean since you are not going as low to help get under the bar.

My mistake was I did neither...I half assed a too heavy weight and didnt do either movement correctly.  FAIL.

On to the Box usually I am fine doing my step ups on a 24" box.  But I used the ONE box in the box that is actually HIGHER than 24".  I think this box is maybe 26 or 28" tall.  Just a touch taller.  But you can totally FEEL IT.  I did 2 rounds on it..and man my hips were on fire.  They were they awake.  Last round I went back down to a normal 20" box....ehh..

Now...Sit ups...ugh...since I cant do those I opted to do Knees to Chest..which is again...actually a HARDER movement than normal sit ups.  This was probably the best movement I did all night.

Such a bad workout for me tonight...I am not happy at all.

Monday, May 11, 2015

05112015 Monday WOD for me!

What a perfect day for little ol about a couple of faves for me!

3 x
200m Run
10 x squats
10 x sit up
10 x lunges
30 sec plank hold
* I admit I may have cheated a bit on this warm up...I did a most of what? Sue me.


Max Rep Back Squat

* This was not my max...I dont like to crush my CNS so late at night going for a PR. I go to about 80 maybe 90%. I just cant sleep after go balls to the wall so late.  So I go heavy as I feel comfortable and back off a tad. I save my PR attempts for Sunday Skwaat day!

Here is a handy sheet with averages for your weight etc...


75 x Snatch @ 75lbs



last attempt was I shaved off 10 seconds!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!

here is how I did it..
25 unbroken around 1 min...Not bad!!!
towards the end it got a tad ugly...

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's Day 2015!!!

EB Twists
EB Good Mornings
Hips, Ankles and Hams

EB x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10 (2)
185lbs x 3 - 5 seconds down,explode up
225 x 2 - 5 seconds down, explode up

Practice for 15-20


Light and easy...very sore from took it easy.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

05092015 Saturday Mash HORRIBLE

Talk about HORRIBLE...MONSTER is the correct name. I did so poorly.  I knew it was going to be bad for me.  The movements were very hard...I knew I was going to scale but man,,

Call me


Modifed AND Scaled!



and here is how bad I did...this is specifically what I did and what I did only. My pals did more Rx than me obviously....but here is what I did.  PATHETIC.

9 - 6- 3
Squat Clean Thrusters @ 95lbs
Strict Pull Up + Banded Ring Dips

DONE - 10:00

- Rest 10 min -

3 Rounds for Time
18 x Lunges @ 135 then 95"
This is where the wheels came off.  My quads are stability is bad. I could not finish this part. I got through 2 rounds making the weight lighter and even moving to back lunges. I STILL COULD NOT FINISH. My knees felt like there were going to pop off. I had zero stability.  I have to work on these. I NEED to work on these. I couldn't believe I could not do them.  IT WAS BAD.

25 x Kettlebell Swings @ 53lbs
15 x Knees to Chest

I was able to finish the other movements...the lunges wrecked me.

DONE - 43:21 minus the last set of lunges.

- Rest 10 min -

300 x Singles
75 x 95lbs Push Press
I did pretty well on the jump rope singles
The push press was OK. I did 15 + 15 + 15 + 8 + 8 + 10 + 4

DONE - 66:00

I am going to post pics of hot fitness models to cheer myself're welcome.

Friday, May 8, 2015

05082015 Friday Night Lifting

Loser Friday plans except hitting the gym and lift.

EB x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10 (2)
185lbs x 10
225lbs x 5
275lbs x 3
315lbs x 2

135lbs x 10 (2)
155lbs x 10
185lbs x 5
225lbs x 3

3 x + 10
3 x + 15
3 x + 25!!!  WOOHOOO!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

05062015 Wednesday WOD

The word of the day is disappointment...can you repeat that kids?  Yeah...

So when I saw tonight's #WOD I was thinking to myself, I should be able to crush this...I know running is my worst thing but...come on...I should be able to knock this out.  Well, I was/am wrong.

3 x
min 1 - 150m Row
min 2 - 10 x Push Up/Squat + 5 burpees
min 3 - 30 sec plank hold


Sit Up Tabata
I get I can do like 10. I think I did 20...for reals and then switched to Russian Twists.  Boohoo...

4 Rounds For Time
15 x BackSquat @ 135lbs (from the floor)
400m Run
16 min time cap
I finished in 18:13


I swear I was UNBROKEN on the to get it done under 35 sec...EVERY SINGLE TIME...yet going around the block messed me up so bad...I was so slow...I ended up not finishing.  I should of been able to do that at or under 15 min.  Even with a slow walk/run...I kept the same pace on my squats throughout...yet still not enough.  Horrible.

Monday, May 4, 2015

05042015 Monday Fart WOD

Ugh...I hate feeling gassy.  I know this may be TMI or overshare..but hey if you reading this you expect my honesty right?

Well tonight was not great simply because I felt gross. I would of done extremely well if I
A, did not have to pee...
B. did not feel like I was going to shart my shorts.

3 x 10 lunges/jumping jacks/squats
100m run after completing the 3 movements


Front Squat
5 x 3
used this more as a tech session with a couple members, helping their form more than really pushing it for me.  Got to 185lbs and called it a day.

"Cindy on the Run"
20 min AMRAP
400m Run
2 rounds of Cindy
5 x pull ups
10 x push ups
15 x air squats

I got through 3 rounds at Rx...I would of gotten 4 or close to 4 if I didnt have to pee. So lame..I had to pee and shart at the same time.  So after the 400m run I had to go to the restroom.  Killed alot of time.

Again I was not at 100% tonight...I really truly felt I was going to poop my pants.

of course I got home hit the head...and nothing..just odorless fart noises...nada. no poop. Horrible.

Hope we can do this WOD again...I know I can get 4 rounds.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

05032015 Sunday Squat Day

Just a basic day in the Box....

I lost some it started well but ended in a fizzle...

Warm Up and Stretch
Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135lbs x 10 (2)
225lbs x 5 (2)
275lbs x 3
295lbs x 2 - DONE...ugh.  tired so I felt so heavy.

95lbs x 10 (2)
135lbs x 5 (2)
155lbs x 5
185lbs x 1  - idea why it felt so heavy.  Once again, I just dropped the bar and called it a day.

That was it..I had a busy afternoon planned so I had to leave...maybe next week I can make up for it.


ps. I think the mash really took me down.  It was alot...

05022015 Saturday Mash

Another Saturday Mash,,.here is the original as Rx version...

Monster Mash

here is what I did.  Before I even begin....I am freely admitting this WOD sucked for me.  The reason is pretty obvious...its the first thing I had to do.  HORRIBLE.

I also admit I pretty much BRO REPPED the crap out of this workout. I just wanted to finish at a decent time...and I let good form and standards go out the door. I know I probably only did 85% of this workout...I know that.


1.5 Mile run
50 x sit ups
25 x Deadlifts @ 275lbs
*so I am not even going to talk about the run...lets get past that.
Sit ups were no I always cramp up and can barely finish them.  No good.
BUT...the one SHINING LIGHT...the ONE AWESOME POSSUM I could hang my head on is...
DEADS!!! WOOHOO!!!  At 275lbs I was able to complete 10, 10 and 5....pretty easily.  I was kinda shocked and amazed I was able to go 10 unbroken for my first set.

Rest 10 mins

5 Round for time
15 x Hang Power Snatch @ 75lbs
15 x Overhead Squats @ 75lbs
*here I should of just went home.  There were brutal for me..even at such a light weight.  I was so tired...and depth sucked and the this cluster just sucked for me, I probably cheated so many reps here...I know this.

Rest 7 min

Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Burpee Box Jump Ups
*I did this Rx...but I was so slow...

I am not even going to post my times...let's just say it was an HOUR AND HALF WORKOUT for me...painful and horrible.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Double WOD...Mon and Wed

I missed logging in my last 2 workouts.

MONDAY 4/27/2015
Warm Up
400m Run

Back Squat 6 x 2 = 275#

Deadlift @ 225lbs
Pull ups
Rest 3 min
Clean and Jerk @ 95lbs
HSPU (on box)

Done...I forgot and I am too lazy to look...whatever.

WEDNESDAY 4/29/2015
Warm Up
400m run

Sled Push
45# on sled 2 x 10 yard

3 Rounds For Time
25 x jump over bar
400m run *last one I rowed instead of ran....back was hurting
25 x hang power snatch # 75lbs
DONE - 20:35

I am tired...zzzzzzz