Sunday, April 13, 2014

04132014 Tech Day - PR BABY!!!!

Went to open box hours this Sunday, not really expecting to do anything amazing. I was going to practice my overhead and do my usual pull ups.

Here is what I did:

PVC as needed - pass throughs, around the world, front rack stretch
Empty bar presses x 10 for 2 sets
Empty bar good mornings x 10


5 x 5  Strict Press
65#, 75#, 95#, 105#, 135#

5 x 3 Push Press
145#, 155#, 165#

3 x 1 Push Jerk
175#, 185# FAIL, 185#

the after failing 185#, I wanted to try one more time...on my second attempt I was able to get it up and lock it out.  It felt solid so I wanted to go for a PR (Personal Record).  I slapped on 2 x 10 plates..and went for it.


205 POUNDS!!!!

It was so amazing.  I was soooo happy!!  I have been working on overhead weight for like a year.  I have always wanted to get 200# of my head...the real goal is my bodyweight over head.  Next time I am going to try 225.  Ultimately if I can hit 245# I will be super super crazy happy.  GOAL ACHIEVED TODAY!!!!!

After that I went into my pull up practice.  Same as last week.
10 x 2

The pull ups feel better and better, this week I am going to try 10 x 3.  the plan is get to 10 x 5 and then I will try for my 10 strict. I may be stuck at 10 x 3 for awhile...but progress is progress right?  I will get those pull ups!

For the final final...did a tabata of air squats.  20 sec on 10 sec off....for 8 rounds.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

04122014 Running Sucks

Happy Saturday folks!

Here is how the morning went for me...


today we had a sub for class and she has been rowing since she was in 4th grade or something. So she knows ROWING...actual rowing vs rowing for fitness.  We spend an hour going over and really pushing technique. It was pretty good. At the end of class I rowed a cumulative 7K.  Not bad considering a "normal" class I row about 5K.  Definitely good to mix it up something and learn and concentrate on different things.  Our usual instructor is great but she is not a rower, so she focuses on other things, this morning we pushed so much technique and efficiency it was great to see it translate on the numbers.  It was a good class and looking forward to her next week as she will be subbing again.
1 hour class..because we spent some time yapping on technique.

Went to the box for the 10AM class and man...who would of thunk we would be RUNNING SO MUCH!!!  ARRRGH!!! I hate running!!!!

400m Run

Partner Run
So one partner runs whiles one rests. As you complete your meters you tag out your partner and they run the meters.  We came in at 22:04.  Mainly because of me. I was so slow...I apologized to my partner.

Cash in - 400m run
8 RFT (rounds for time)
8 pull ups (subbed for jumping pull ups)
8 push ups
8 squats
Cash out - 400m run
20:33 was my time

I swear I probably haven't ran so much in easily 6 months or longer.  *Sad Panda*

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

04082014 WOD

Tuesday night workout went a little something like this...

400m Run

Partner Warm Up - used a 10# ball
1 - med ball hold in squat
1 - 10 push ups/10 squats/10 sit ups
200m run together holding the med ball, alternating each way
2 rounds EACH



Supermans x 10
roll over
Hollow Body rocks x 10

for 25 ft

7 hang snatch
200m run
20 min cap

I DID NOT FINISH (sad panda)
completed 6 rounds in 21:22 using 75#

Rx was 95# and L3 was 75# hurt...shoulders and back are going to feel it tomorrow for sure.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

04062014 Technique Day

Went to "open box" hours today and had a good session.  The gym was pretty full and people did all kinds of different workouts.  I kept to my program to work on my weaknesses.  Here is how it went down.

Empty bar x 10 (2x)
95# x 10

5 x 5 @ 135#
with a 2-3 second pause at the bottom
*working on my bottom position as I suck at hitting parallel on my squats.  So this weight is light enough and heavy enough to keep me at the bottom.

10 x 2 @ 95#

*working on my front rack.  Work on my position and pulling the bar, close to the body and turning my elbows under and out.  It was felt better towards the last sets.

10 x 2
*strict and from a dead hang
**same as what I did yesterday


Then I went to go wash my car!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

04052014 Busy Saturday!!!

Another glorious Saturday!  Perfect weather, sunshine and blue skies and a cool breeze.  Perfect perfect perfect.  Here is what fatboy did:

8:00AM IndoRow Class
45 min - I have 4 more classes at ATP through my 6 class deal.  Then I will get to sleep in.  I will enjoy my "warm up" for the next month.

10:00AM WOD
1 hour

Warm Up
Tabata Warm up
40s on, 20 off x 8
Push Ups/lunges/air squats/jumping jacks/sit ups/plank/burpees


Farmer Carry
45# DB for 200m  = 2:11

400m Run
50 x KBS @ 35#
50 x Goblet Squats @ 35#
400m Run
30 x Wall Balls @ 16#
200m Run with ball @ 16#
15 x Box Over Burpees
100m Run

Done = 17:47
*I was happy to be done under 20m.  In hindsight I could of went 44# for the kbs and I could of went Rx on the wall ball @ 20#s.  I was worried about scaling....I would slowed down if the weight was heavier for sure.

Post WOD
Hung out with one of the box's members to do some quick lifting.

Bench Press
3 x 5 = 165# w/ FatGrips
3 x 3 = 185# w/FatGrips
3 x 1 = 225#

*my friend also did 4 x strict pull ups in between each set.
I only did 2x in the beginning.

Post Post WOD

Per my promise to myself I stayed longer and did my pull up practice
10 x 2 for total of 20 pull ups
***strict pull ups from dead hang***

Good day...good day indeed. I am going to rest now and

Thursday, April 3, 2014

04032014 WOD

Tonight's workout was actually pretty fun.  In is never fun when you are in the middle of it.

400m run


Loads = 135#, 225#, 275#, 315#, 345#

17 Minute AMRAP

1 x Snatch @ 95# (admittedly, it was light, I should of went Rx at 135#)
5 x Pull Up - subbed for jumping pullups
7 x Burpees
10 x Air Squats

I completed 12 rounds + 13 reps for a grand total of 174 reps.

I know what I need to work on...these met-cons with some strength work is fun.  My engine just sucks. I am good for the first 5 min and I fizzle out. I feel like I am getting better but I just get gassed very quickly and need lots of rest before I can go again.  Def more mental stuff to work on.

Also, I was very honored coaches let me do a mini session on the deadlift for the 8pm class.  Now obviously, I am NO COACH not by any stretch..but I have been doing deadlifts WRONG long enough that I know how to do it right.  Plus, going to Greg Everett's seminar a couple weeks back, I can say with confidence I know THE CUES and PROGRESSIONS for the major lifts.  Now coaching and teaching someone from beginning to end is a different story.  But I do know how to show someone the "starting position" and the "receiving position" etc.  As I have told many people..I believe you can teach a whole week on JUST THE PROGRESSIONS and CORRECT CUES for these lifts.  Even then you may not have it right.  Clean, Jerk, Deadlift and Snatch are the lifts that I now know how to fix on others and myself. Practice practice practice. I probably still do them wrong...but again, if I can remember what Greg showed me, I should be fine.

So in the short time I had with the 8PM class I tried to remember all the correct cues I learned.
Bar over the balls of your feet
Back straight
Engage the hamstrings
Shoulders back and tight
Look forward or slightly up
Flat feet
Arms relaxed
Pull up the shins to knees, hinge at the hips and get those glutes in there...and stand up!

**I need to re read my notes and re write them from the seminar so I will know more.**

I think I am best at helping lifters as they are doing it.  Again, I think I know what NOT to do...since I do the very mistakes that I am trying to correct.

It felt good to know the owners of the box felt confidence in me to share some of the knowledge I learned at the seminar.  So THANK YOU Coach Jose and Coach Lore for letting this fatboy show the class a little something. I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

04012014 WOD

April Fool's!!!!

Yes this workout was foolish! Sheesh!  Here is what we did...ugh.

400m run


Handstand holds @ 1 min = 2 x

15 x rounds

10 x wall balls @ 16#

10 x push ups

10 x KBS @ 44#
30 min time cap

I completed - 11 + 27

It was tough....shoulders are on fire.

Until next time fine readers....

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Donut Friend - Highland Park CA

After dropping off and switching my RX7 back into my daily...I thought I would stop over and try to new-ish Fancy Hipster Donut spot in my hood.  I have mixed feelings about the RAPID gentrification happening in my neighborhood.

On one hand, I want my mom's home (my home) to continue to rise in value. I want the neighborhood to be safer and have more business and commerce come in.

On the second, I dont want MY BLOCK...the block I grew up on, York between Ave 51-52 to become so "white" and so "hipster" that all the charm and locals cannot be here anymore.  Anyone studying sociology or public policy or wants to know what GENTRIFICATION is...needs to spend a weekend on that very block.  Actually...York blvd from Ave 50 to about Ave 52.  Just go down that street and see what is happening.  Good and bad.

Anyways..ok OFF my soapbox.  Check it out...

Donut Friend - 90042

Donut Friend on York...I got 3 kinds, because I am a responsible fatty. $12 for 3 Donuts.

Donut Friend - 90042

Donut Friend  - 90042

Here is what I got...

Apple Pie
A traditional donut stuffed with caramelized apples and cheddar cheese, topped with a caramel glaze and toasted peanuts.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Oh let me state too..that I dont share much with 3x Crossfit games champion, "The fittest man alive" Rich Froning...but we do BOTH LOVE DONUTS...just saying.

Here is the Coconut of Conformity
Coconut cream inside our traditional donut, topped with a vanilla bean glaze, toasted coconut, and a pinch of lime zest.

Coconut Conformity

Coconut Conformity

lastly...the Bacon 182
Maple glaze and regular or vegan bacon on top of our traditional donut.

Bacon 182

Bacon 182

Bacon 182

The plan is simple...I ate the Apple Pie the Coconut for dessert tonight...and bring the Bacon one to work tomorrow for breakfast.

See how smart I am? I hate hipsters...but I wont be unfair and hate on Donut Friend. The Apple Pie donut I had was pretty good.  The donut itself was very similar to a Krispy Kreme and the apples and nuts and caramel sauce was on point.  When I saw the cheese I was nervous as to if it would taste good, and it did.  So a $4 donut...was it worth it?  Probably not...would I come back and try something else...sure.

But seriously..the people in that store, the customers, all look like they came out of a bad hipster movie. I promise a top casting agent couldnt of cast more "stereotypical" people to be in there....oh more thing.  As I was washing and prepping my car for last night...right across the street apparently COLLEGE HUMOR was there filming a skit.  Across the street from my mom's will never end.  Fancy donuts, coffee shops and now College Humor is shooting in the neighborhood.
OMG...where are my cholos?  I am really missing cholos on my block....again, I can save that rant for another time.  

It is 10PM...I just ate the Coconut of Conformity.  DAMN was great.  After even being in the fridge since this afternoon that was a damn good donut.  A tad sweet because the cream and the vanilla icing was maybe a tad too sweet..but damn.  The candied lime skins and coconut shreds and man...that was delicious.  I am looking forward to the Bacon one tomorrow at work.

I recco the Coconut of Conformity...if you dont mind a little over sweetness.  It was GOOD!

Brap Brap Brap - Rotary Meet

03292014 - Saturday night, West Covina, CA

In a Parking Lot next to a Jamba Juice and in front of a Home Depot...Rotaries from all over came to park, look at each others cars, take pics and hang out.

I had to drag my baby out of the driveaway and wash her...after probably 2 years of sitting.  I drove her around a few times but never washed her until yesterday.  I think she came out OK.



I met up with my friend Royce, who happens to also own a White GSLSE....who happens to have a GF that drives a White FB with SE suspension all in essence we had 3 triple white FBs together at one sitting.  It was great...



Couple standouts of course...R Power came out with a couple of their cars...awesome as always.

Super clean RX2

Bad ass R100....

This here is Frank's about a monster...

yeah he has a hood was from a previous engine swap.  He had a T2 set up with the top mount intercooler.  The scoop was definitely functional.  He then switched to his current set up...the need for the scoop is no longer...

IMG_5204 sexy.


Sleeper of the night goes to this 1964? Mercedes?  I am not sure what year, the owner said it was literally his first when the factory MBZ motor finally died, he decided.."hmm..why not go big block?"  Be honest..if you saw this pale faded blue MBZ couple roll up next you at a red laugh, snicker and turn your nose...until it smoked your doors off and left you like you were sleeping.


in a straight line this old thing will make you cry....

now for some "glamour shots"


me and Royce flossing..

Saturday, March 29, 2014

03292014 What a way to end the month!

Man oh man...

What a day...let's recap...

8AM Indo Row class - 45 minutes

head to HP Crossfit

400m partner run w 10# med ball

Skill = 70 Snatches w a partner
I was solo since it was uneven people so I only did 35 @65#
2:23 to complete 35 Power Snatches

Cash in - 400m run
40 x air squats
30 x sit ups
20 x push ups
10 x pull ups
Cash out - 400m run

*I only did 2 rounds as I just wanted to warm up for 14.5 attempt.  I did my squats slowly and deliberately and even used a PVC in the front rack position.  I also use the box for my pull ups to just warm up the shoulders, did not want to tax my overhead since I would need it for the workout after.
Did above in 18 min...again slow and taking my time.


@ 11:30am


I knew I was going to scale it to women's weight which was 65#. I also knew the bar facing burpees would kill me.  Now the official workout is for time.  Meaning the clock cannot save you.  You just keep going until you are done.

I only got to 22 min and had to tap out.  I got to my 15s and had to stop.

I know it is a mental block and maybe I lack "the heart" of an athlete.  Well, not maybe I know I am no athlete. I just know that about myself and I am simply not wired like that. Some people have that never quit spirit and just go at it 100%. I envy them...I dont have that piece in my brain. I do the best I can...then push myself a little past and then I am done.

Even Coach Jason who judged me was pushing pushing telling me I was doing so well that I will surprise myself. Keep going keep going. Like other workouts, I just run out of gas at a certain point and can no longer go on. I have gotten a little better...I almost quit a lot sooner but I kept pushing and pushing until I at least finished my set of 18s.

That is all I had.

I am not sad...I am maybe a little disappointed...could I of finished in 45m?  1 hour? I am thinking at the rate I was going, I may need an hour to finish that workout.  It was brutal...and I am going to be so sore...

Funny thing is I am still happy and positive. I still feel accomplished...even though I DNF (did not finish)  I am happy I TRIED it...I may not have done well...but I tried. I am happy with that...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Pain of Getting Old

man I am tired...I am old...I am old and tired.

this past weekend really wiped me out...I have never felt so tired and "out of it" than these past couple of days.  Let's recap...

Thursday - went in for a regular WOD.
Friday - went in for Friday Night Lights and did 14.4 Open WOD
Saturday - Oly seminar
Sunday  - Oly seminar

Now Sat and Sun were not "full workouts" at all. was alot of technique work as well as mental exercise.  For others maybe not so much but for me...I really had to concentrate on what I was doing, along with the physical part of it.

By the end of it all on Sunday I was sore and pooped, I went for a Thai massage thinking I would rest Monday and be able to train again on Tuesday.

I was wrong.  Monday was a blur..I was wiped out all day at home and slept as early as I could.  Yesterday, Tuesday I was thinking I was going to workout...but NOPE. I was again still achy and tired. ZERO ENERGY.

As I roll into my later years....I would hope to be this into my 50s and beyond...

maybe this more

my point being we age, our bodies definitely need more rest. So listening to your body is key.  Back in the days I should be able to crush the week...but I am simply pooped.

I am going in tonight to do a LIGHT workout...I just need to get moving.  I may row and practice some pull ups or something like that.  I am not sure...

see the funny thing is the opposite is true.  If I DONT exercise or move...I am uncomfortable too.  It is a balance of moving and getting exercise and resting..but not resting too much.  I have taken these 2 days and I am definitely feeling like I need to move.  I need exercise.  Weird right?

It is 100% true about forming habits and sticking to it.  You dont need to be an elite athlete or even a "gym rat" you just need to move around a bit and stretch those muscles.  At least for me.  I am not training for anything, I am not trying to change my life in anyway...I just like working out and its a social activity for me.  That is my main motivation...and as long as I keep it fun, I will keep it going.

Now mentally prep for an easy workout tonight!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar - March 22-23, 2014 Monrovia CA

What a weekend. I don't even know where to begin this blog post.

If you read my previous posts, I attended the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Seminar this weekend, led by none other than Greg Everett himself.  Greg is a published author and independent filmmaker.  He is one the top Olympic Weightlifting coaches, period.  He also hates to travel...which made this seminar in So Cal that much more special.

I have always believed that you get what you put into a seminar like this, I KNEW EXACTLY what I wanted and where I stood in the universe of athletes in the seminar.  As expected 95% of everyone there was a coach or learning to be a coach already.  Some were very new, but most there were pretty much crossfitters or recreational lifters ALREADY. I think there was me and one other guy that were there PURELY FOR EDUCATIONAL FUN.  I had no delusions or ego. I was not going to break any PRs that day.  I wanted to learn to LIFT CORRECTLY and the weight will come later.

I basically lifted the empty bar all weekend and on every couple of sets I would lift probably the equivalent of 95#.

The seminar was held at Team Crossfit Academy in Monrovia CA.  It is a very nice gym...big with lots of equipment.

Greg and the coaches broke down the day like this.

Saturday Day 1 - SNATCH
all day...we learned everything...progressions, how what where when and then learned it again.

Sunday Day 2 - CLEAN AND JERK + Programming
We started the day with a lecture and slides to go over programming.

Now this seminar is a combo for coaches looking to get certified Catalyst lifting coaches. Or you could just attend to I did.  So this morning session had zero for me...BUT, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to program for a weight lifter. It really helps me make sense of what the WOD is and why and rep ranges and volume and intensity etc. For something that I really did not NEED to listen to at all, I got A LOT out of it.  I really enjoyed the lecture.  Here are a couple slides Greg went over...

Greg running the lecture..

Greg brought along his assistant coaches Kara and Mike.

Here is a shot of Mike...
Here is Kara...
Couple candids from the seminar...

Kara going over the progressions for the day....

Greg takes over and goes over what we are to do...

Gotta love those PVC pipes...

Greg going over the clean...

Everyone does a few sets in the progression...

Greg and Mike hanging out...

Angel over here beasting!  Angel is the owner and head coach over at Telegraph Crossfit up in the Bay!

Thank you for everything Greg...I truly learned so much and I would do it again.

I went in at negative zero.   I came out a 1 or 2. I now KNOW what I am doing wrong and can work on it.  Even my non existent FRONT RACK sort of happened today. I keep wrenching and wrenching it in power cleans. I was doing doubles @ 95# over and over and Mike and even Greg saw me and said I was getting better. I even received a "best jerk I have seen from you all day" from Greg. That to me is a win.  I did not totally embarrass myself and I have 10 pages of notes that I need to transcribe so I can really learn it.

I swear if I literally just concentrate on the progressions alone, it would constitute a good 2 week workout.  It is hard to put down everything that happened and all the A-HA moments. I had about 3-4 big light bulb moments that I will carry with me for all my training moving forward.

It was the best experience  I have had in a long time. So happy I had the privilege and honor to get coached by Greg, Kara and Mike.

Quote of the weekend...

"Fuck them for being weak" - Greg Everett

That may be my next T shirt....  =)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

03212014 14.4 Open WOD

Happy Friday!

Tonight at the box we had FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS...workout for 14.4 of the Crossfit Open Workouts.

14.4 was as some expected and predicted would be a hard one.  This was a "chipper" workout, meaning you are supposed to CHIP AWAY at the reps and keep going.  For you lazy folk that dont want to click through here is the workout:

14.4 - AMRAP = 14 minutes
As Many Reps As Possible

60 Calorie Row
50 x Toes to Bar
40 x Wall Balls @ 20#
30 x Cleans @ 135#
20 x Ring Muscle Ups

I know I cannot get T2B, so I scaled down to Knees to Elbows/Knees to Chest.

My goal for this workout was to get to the wall balls.  I wanted to finish the knees to chest and at least get one wall ball in.  Tonight I reached my goal and did get to the wall balls.  My total score was:


I was able to get 34 Wall Balls.  Super happy!

No one will know what the last WOD will be...14.5 should be a doozy to really separate the leader boards.

It is late and I need to get to bed, I have a pretty busy weekend ahead...I have my Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weight Lifting Seminar tomorrow!  Cannot wait for that!

Good night all!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend FUN and ROMALEOS 2

Yes...I bit the bullet and INVESTED in some proper weightlifting shoes.

They literally just came in 10 min ago....SO EXCITED.

Huge thanks to ROGUE FITNESS for the quick delivery.  I ordered on Monday, had the 3 Day and I got them today.

 I ordered these because this weekend I am going to attend an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar hosted by Catalyst Athletics/Greg Everett.  The event is part of their coaching seminars and they allow just regular peeps that want to go to go.  This will be my first seminar on this and very excited to see how it goes.  All my training prior to this has been with one coach, so I am very interested in seeing how someone else would train/teach me and all my issues.  I know I have lots..mobility and awkward form etc etc.  My problems are it will be fun to see how someone else will approach it.

In of the day, I am never going to compete or do any "serious" lifting. It is merely for fun and an interest of mine.  I will definitely check my ego at the door and willing to lift a PVC pipe all weekend if that is what I need to do.

But back to the shoes...the best detail...and one of the things NIKE does well...check out this little inspirational message right on the shoes!!!!

GO FORTH AND DOMINATE.....yes indeed. I intend to do just that.